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The social state and policy: collection of scientific articles

The social state and policy: collection of scientific articles / Under the editorship of O. M. Mikhailenok, V. V. Lublinskiy; Institute of sociology Russian Academy of Sciences. – Moscow: RAS FNESC, 2017. – 268 S. (the Harmony in the society as the condition of development of Russia. Issue 5).
ISBN 978-5-89697-289-1

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The present collection of scholarly articles continues the series of studies on socio - political relations in modern society, which are conducted by a team since 2011. This issue is devoted to the development of the welfare state in the age of globalization: political (geopolitical) and economic, social, political - legal, socio-cultural. The problem of transformation of the welfare state is one of the Central issues in the political agenda of many countries, including Russia. The relevance of the work due to the fact that the welfare state is seen as a key factor in the development of democracy, strengthening of political agreement, human rights and stability of society. The book is addressed to researchers and University professors, postgraduates and students specializing in the field of political sociology and related disciplines.


Михайленок О.М., Люблинский В.В., Недяк И.Л., Оганисьян Ю.С., Зеленко Б.И., Брега А.В., Назаренко А.В., Москвин Л.Б., Макушина Л.В., Шиманская Э.С., Малышева Г.А., Щенина О.Г., Курюкин А.Н., Яжборовская И.С.
Редакторы: Михайленок О.М., Люблинский В.В.

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