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The constitution of modern politics in Russia: institutional problems

The constitution of modern politics in Russia: institutional problems / resp. eds. S. V. Patrushev, L. E. Filippova. - M .: Political Encyclopedia, 2018. - 262 p. - (Political science of Russia).
ISBN 978-5-8243-2278-1
DOI 10.19181/monograph.2019.2

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The monograph presents the results of theoretical and empirical studies of institutional problems of politics in Russia. The theory and methodology to research policy, political fields and political space are examined. A typology of policies has been developed, an institutional model of modern politics has been proposed, as well as the concept of the power zone, which replaces the political field and political space.The features of modern and Russian politics, the possibilities of its appearance, transformation and development are shown. The work has been carried out within the framework of political sociology, institutional and genderpolitical science.For researchers and university professors, as well as graduate and senior students - political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, specialists in the field of state and municipal government, for Russian citizens.



Айвазова С.Г., Баскакова Ю.М., Кертман Г.Л., Комин М.О., Кутузов А.Б., Кучинов А.М., Мирясова О.А., Недяк И.Л., Павлова Т.В., , Патрушев С.В., Попова О.В., Радина Н.К., Филиппова Л.Е.
Редакторы: Патрушев С.В., Филиппова Л.Е.

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