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Duka A. Power and society in the flow of change. Instead of the Preface

Duka A. Power and society in the flow of change. Instead of the Preface // Power and Elites / Ed. by A. Duka. Vol.5. St. Petersburg: Intersotsis, 2018. P. 7-24.
ISSN 2410-9517
DOI 10.31119/pe.2018.5.1

Posted on site: 28.12.18


The text presents a summary and analysis of the articles in the Almanac. In parallel, some trends in the evolution of the political process, both General and specific to Russia, are considered. The depoliticization of public space and public administration is highlighted. This is reflected in the increasing role of bureaucracy and the diminishing role of elected politicians and representative authorities. There is a growing role of informal network structures of power groups. It can be argued that there is a collapse of the traditional public space. Its role as a place where there are significant discussions on decision-making related to the fundamental issues of development of society is decreasing. The public is no longer important in the political process. This is partly due to globalization processes, and partly to changes in the principles of social governance and the rise of managers. In addition, there is a growing dysfunctionality of power groups and structures and their alienation from the main part of the population.


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