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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Mchedlova M.M. Rossiyskaya polikonfessional'nost' i solidarnyy obraz budushchego

Mchedlova M.M. Rossiyskaya polikonfessional`nost` i solidarnyy obraz budushchego // Vestnik VLGU. Seriya: Sotsial`nyye i gumanitarnyye nauki. 2019. №4. S. 72-79.
ISSN 2313-061X

Posted on site: 16.12.19


The solidary image of the future and the choice of a desired development path constitute the parameters of social consolidation in a multiconfessional country like Russia. Meaningful foundations are manifested in the choice of a preferred development path and the image of thefuture. The choice between the tradition and modernity reproduces a deep civilizational metafactor, while the desired parameters of the future for Russia as a state are determined bythe social, political and cultural senses of justice and “great-power-ness” that are lacking inmodern conditions, whereas their unity captures the absence of demarcation lines regardingthe religious and worldview basis.