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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Network society as an aspect of social reality

Network society as an aspect of social reality. Socio-political research, 2019, No. 4(5), pp. 5-23.
ISSN 2658-428Х
DOI 10.24411/2658-428Х-2019-547

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At the beginning of the new century there was an increasing continuous concern for obtaining the mechanism, which could be implemented in order to ensure sociopolitical security and stability properly and effectively. It should be noted that the research in the problem area was of paramount importance due to the processes of globalization, information technology, upward tendency in the case of network society, growing risks and challenges of technical, economic, socio-political and cultural development. The concept of the network society is highly valuable for this article, since it may shed some light on the comprehensive understanding of modern social reality. Moreover, the problems connected with risks of public safety in network social space are going to arouse intense interest among society (especially, in Russia). At present we experience an acute crisis of scientific ideas, the lack of new methods and means of understanding of both global and not less significant local problems that continue to arise as an avalanche during the formation of a new social reality.