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New social reality: system-creating factors, security and development prospects (A multi-authored monograph)

New social reality: system-creating factors, security and development prospects (A multi-authored monograph). — М.; SPb.: Nestor-Historia, 2020. — 208 p.
ISBN 978-5-4469-1638-2

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This multi-authored monograph under the title “New social reality: system-creating factors, security and development prospects. Russia in the techno-social space” was prepared by the scientists-sociologists from the Joint Center for Sociology and Economics of Knowledge (ISPR FCTAS RAS) within the implementation of the R&D plan in stages and devoted to the study and analytics of the key socio-political, economic and cultural trends for the current social reality. The scientists consider a range of questions that cover a new conceptual view on modern social reality, its status and development prospects. Special attention is paid to the transformational socio-political and cultural changes in Russian society in the techno-social space that generate entirely new threats and challenges. The multi-authored monograph also considers the role of science and education as the system-creating factors of social reality. An emphasis on the questions of its construction on a scientific basis and the formation of new current relevance to study and consolidate the country’s national security is laid. The trends, conclusions andpredictions set outin the multi-authored monograph can be used by scientists, politicians and specialists whose area of activity is to develop specific socially relevant managerial decisions. This multi-authored monograph is also addressed to a wide range of readers who are interested indeveloping the Russian society and nationality, the fate of Russia as well.



Осипов Г.В., , , , , , Попов М.Ю.
Редакторы: Осипов Г.В., , , ,

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