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Integrated Human Development Index and Classification of the Country's Regions by Different Aspects

Integrated Human Development Index and Classification of the Country`s Regions by Different Aspects. Journalof Economy and Business, 2020, vol. 8(66), pp. 190-197.
ISSN 2411-0450
DOI 10.24411/2411-0450-2020-10675

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The article presents the methodology for calculating the integral human potential index and the results for the regions of Russia for 2018. There are 6 indicators for describing various aspects of human potential: cultural, physical, intellectual. Among these indicators: the level of prevalence of higher and secondary specialized education, natural population growth, visits to museums and theaters, life expectancy, the spread of alcoholism and drug addiction, the number of murders and attempted murders. The indicators are divided into two groups - positive and negative. Private indices have been built for 6 aspects of human potential and their values have been calculated. The integral index of human potential was calculated on the basis of private indices. The regions with the best and worst indices of private and integral indices are highlighted. In order to classify the regions of the country, a cluster analysis was carried out using the k-means method and 10 groups of regions with similar sets of values of private indices of human potential were identified. A characteristic and description of each cluster is given. The results obtained reflect the degree of regional differentiation of human potential in its various aspects and in general. The grouping of regions by cluster and the data obtained can be used to form a regional development strategy.