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Adaptive governance methods on the example of China's immigration policy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Adaptive governance methods on the example of China`s immigration policy during the COVID-19 pandemic / / World Politics. - 2020. - No. 4. - P. 1-17.
ISSN 2409-8671
DOI 10.25136/2409-8671.2020.4.34542

Posted on site: 10.12.20

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The article contains the results of the analysis of China’s immigration regulation dynamics during the period of January - November 2020 in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The comparative research of changes in the epidemiological situation and immigration regime helps to study the example of the experience of a large scale usage of the principles of adaptive and agile management in the context of global uncertainty and a rapidly changing situation, and to detect the significant factors influencing the immigration policy of China. To solve these tasks, the author uses general scientific methods and research techniques: observation, description, analysis, synthesis, generalization, abstraction, the comparative method and other methods. The results of the case-study show that China, pursuing its immigration policy during the period under study, had to search for a balance between the necessity to eliminate the possibility of importing the new corona cases and the importance of maintaining and developing foreign economic relations in terms of the limitation of transborder mobility. At the same time, the case of China proves that, in the context of global uncertainty, the principles of adaptive politics with their complicated procedures of harmonization of controversial interests are more often substituted by the principles of agile management, which designates the transition on the governmental level to the trial-and-error management method. It’s obvious that the end of the pandemic will put on the agenda the issue of the evaluation of the adaptive and agile management experience, which requires the creation of suitable scientific tools.