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The victory that changed the world (wars, revolutions, reforms in the fate of Russia): [Monograph]

The victory that changed the world (wars, revolutions, reforms in the fate of Russia): [Monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A. A. Galkin, Yu. S. Oganisyan [et al.]; Ed. by O. M. Mikhaylenok; . - Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2020 – - 405 p.
ISBN 978-5-89697-336-2
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The monograph is devoted to the analysis of socio-political problems of Russia's development in interaction with the outside world, which is considered as a single contradictory process, which is a natural continuity of Russian history. Thematically, these problems focus on the Great Patriotic War, its causes and international consequences, and the impact of Victory on world development. Numerous methods of discrediting Victory and distorting its image are exposed. The necessity of consistent and offensive protection of historical truth is proved.Special attention is paid to the detection of long-term factors in the events of the post-war and subsequent time period that determined the choice of a certain course of domestic and foreign policy by the leadership of the USSR. The event of war is considered by the authors in the context of the formation and development of political culture as an integral part of the historical logic of social and political development in the perspective of the transformation of ways to resolve crises and conflicts – from military-power suppression to discursive search for ways to resolve.The book is addressed to researchers and teachers, graduate students and students specializing in history, political sociology and related disciplines.


Михайленок О.М., Галкин А.А., Оганисьян Ю.С., Пантин В.И., Белозеров В.К., Бельков О.А., Бушуев В.Г., Вебер А.Б., Водолазов Г.Г., Воронкова О.А., Курюкин А.Н., , Москвин Л.Б., Романовский Н.В., Щенина О.Г., Яжборовская И.С.
Редактор: Михайленок О.М.

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