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Health of adolescents and the environment: changes over 20 years: [monograph]

Health of adolescents and the environment: changes over 20 years: [monograph] / I. V. Zhuravleva, L.Yu. Ivanova, G.A Ivakhnenko [and others]; otv. ed. I. V. Zhuravleva; FCTAS RAS. - M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. 309 p.
ISBN 978-5-89697-356-0
DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-89697-356-0.2021

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The monograph is based on research carried out on a unified methodology in seven regions of Russia in 1996 and 2017.An analysis of various aspects of adolescent life is presented, health-related: the specifics of adolescence, demographics, behaviors, risky for health. Particular attention is paid to environmental problems in connection with environmental awareness in Russian society and ecological culture. Factors affecting the self-preserving behavior of adolescents (socio-demographic parameters, the value of health, the attitude towards its maintenance, stress, the role of the family, the use of psychoactive substances by adolescents, ecological attitudes). The monograph is intended for specialists dealing with health protection of children and adolescents in the field of health care and education, as well as for everyone interested in problems sociology of health.

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