Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sociologicheskaja nauka i social'naja praktika  

Vol 7, No 4 (2019) 

Table of Contents

To the Reader P.7-8


Activism in the Worldview of Russians Natalia N. Sedova P.9-25


Deep Poverty in Russia: The Specifics of the Objective and Subjective Poor and Their Requests for Social Policy Ekaterina D. Slobodenyuk P.26-38

Precarization of the Middle Class of the New Russia: What are the Results of a Study of Heterogeneous Middle Strata? Vasiliy A. Anikin P.39-54

The Social and Economic Aspects of Integrating the Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation Tatiana N. Litvinova, Olga V. Vershinina P.55-68


A Study on Personal Agency Expression in Housing Renovation Andrey A. Merzlykov P.69-76

The Organizational and Methodological Aspects of Remotely Researching the Issues Arising from the Digital Transformation of Regions with Different Levels of Social and Cultural Modernization. Part I Vladimir S. Bogdanov P.77-84


Creating the Opportunity and Ability to Shape the Future: A Social and Cultural Response to the Challenges of Modern Education Roman V. Len’kov, Andrey V. Patsula P.85-96

Literacy Problems in the New Digital Reality (By the Example of Schoolchildren). Part I Tamara N. Lombina, Valery A. Mansurov, Olesya V. Yurchenko P.97-107


The National, Civic, and Ethnic Identity of Russian Young People in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): Perception Dynamics Ekaterina M. Arutyunova P.108-118

The Level of Education and Cultural Capital as Migration Factors (Based on People Living in the Republic of Bashkortostan) Marsel S. Turakaev P.119-127

The Social and Cultural Adaptation of Immigrants Within the Context of Integration into Russian Society Asya V. Voropaeva P.128-135

The Social and Cultural Practices of Immigrant Adaptation: Notes on the Integration Potential of the Host Society Arkadyi L. Marshak, Svetlana V. Guzenina P.136-150


Identifying, Evaluating, and Adapting to Risks in an Atmosphere of Uncertainty Alla V. Mozgovaya P.151-165

Problem of Selective Control as a Means of Countering Terrorism (On the example of Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria) Kseniya S. Grigor’eva P.166-179


Among the Working Population as a Form of Disadaptation Process. Part II Margarita E. Pozdnyakova, Viktoria V. Bruno P.180-192

The Current Substance Abuse Trends in Russia and the West Elena V. Shul’gina P.193-202

INDEX, 2019

Index of Articles Published in 2019 P.203--204