Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications

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201. Rakhmonov A.Kh. Policy of the countries of Western Europe on countering radicalism and terrorism by muslim migrants. In: Society. Trust. Risks: materials of the 3rd Annual International Forum: in 3 books. – Moscow: Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. P. 246-252.

202. Ryazantsev S.V., Smirnov A.V. The concept of a pandemic: historical and theoretical aspects. In: COVID-19: Challenges, consequences, counteraction: [monograph] / A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov [et al.]; Edited by A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov; intro. the word of A.V. Torkunov. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 11-21.

203. Vartanova M. L. Popularization of healthy nutrition and demand for organic products among the population. In: Cities of Russia: problems of construction, engineering, landscaping and ecology. Collection of articles of the XXIII International Scientific and Practical Conference. Penza, 2021. P. 25-29.

204. Vartanova M. L. The aging of the population and the growth of needs in social services. In: Socio-economic processes of modern society: theory and practice: materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Cheboksary, May 21, 2021) / ed.: E. V. Fomin [et al.] - Cheboksary: ID Wednesday, 2021. P. 110-114.

205. Goliusova Yu.V. The potential of labor mobility of the population of the Republic of Tyva. In: Ermolaevsky readings: materials of the jubilee V scientific and practical conference with international participation dedicated to the 100th anniversary of education Of the Tuvan People's Republic (August 26-27, 2021). - Kyzyl: Ed.ed. Pushkin National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2021. P. 10-14.

206. Podlesnaya M.A. Orthodox Monastery in the Republic of Belarus: from communal to public monasteries. In: The Orthodox monastery in Russia in the XXI century: Social and economic practices / [ed. I.P. Ryazantsev, A.M. Smulov; ed.-comp. M.A. Podlesnaya]. - Moscow: Publishing House of PSU, 2021. (Series Sociology of Orthodoxy). P. 145-159.

207. Ryazantsev S. V., Smirnov A.V. Causes and features of the spread of global pandemics. In: Pandemic COVID-19: Challenges, consequences, opposition: [monograph] / A. V. Torkunov, S. V. Ryazantsev, V. K. Levashov [et al.]; Under the editorship of A. V. Torkunov, S. V. Ryazantsev, V. K. Levashov; introd. the word of A.V. Torkunov. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 21-28.

208. Kuchmaeva O. V. The problem of secondary orphanhood in Russia: solutions. In: Paradigms and models of demographic development: collection of articles of the XII Ural Demographic Forum / ed. Doctor of Economics O. A. Kozlova; Doctor of History G. E. Kornilov; Doctor of Philosophy, Professor B. Y. Berzin; Candidate of Economics N. P. Neklyudova. Volume II. - Yekaterinburg : Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2021. P. 38-48.

209. Nikovskaya L.I. Problematic points of the network context of the functioning of municipal public policy (based on the results of a sociological study in the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol). In: Opportunities and threats of a digital society: conference materials / ed.: A.V. Sokolov, A. A. Frolov. - Yaroslavl: Publishing house of Digital Printing House LLC, 2021. P. 201-205.

210. Rakhmonov A.Kh. Problems of adaptation and integration of migrant children at school in Western European countries. In: Modeling and construction in the educational environment: a collection of materials of the VI All-Russian (with international participation) scientific-practical, methodological conference for the scientific and pedagogical community / edited by I. A. Artemyev, V. O. Belevtsova, I. P. Rodionova, M. M. Sabitova-M.: Publishing house of GBPOU Moscow State Educational Complex. P. 484-486.

211. Belikova M. V., Latinov G. I. Problems of gender education in modern Russian and Chinese society: comparative analysis. In: International Demographic Forum Demography and Global challenges /ed. by Doctor of Economics, prof. N.V. Yakovenko. - Voronezh: Digital Polygraphy, 2021. P. 923-928.

212. Mikhaylyonok O.M. Problems and prospects of the network approach in the study of socio-political relations. In: Russia and the political order in a changing world: values, institutions, prospects: Materials of the IX All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists, Moscow, December 16-18, 2021 / Edited by O.V. Gaman-Golutvina, L.V. Smorgunov, L.N. Timofeeva. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 339-340.

213. Len'kov R.V., Bogdanov V.S. Problems of measurement and methodology of reproduction of strategic intelligentsia as transforming subjectivity. In: Intellectuals in a new reality: collection of articles XXII International Theoretical and Methodological Conference, Russian State University for the Humanities, September 30 - October 1, 2021 / Under the general editorship of J.T. Toshchenko. Edited by E.A. Kolosov. Russian State Humanitarian University, Faculty of Sociology, Center for Sociological Research. - M .: Center for Social Forecasting and Marketing. 2021. P. 222-229.

214. Vartanova M.L. Problems of ensuring financial accessibility of the population to a healthy diet. In: Protection of biodiversity and environmental problems of nature management: collection of articles of the II All-Russian (national) Scientific and Practical Conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary Penza State Agrarian University. - Penza: RIO PGAU, 2021. P. 17-22.

215. Chernyusheva N.V. Problems of accommodation, food supply and economic organization of the evacuated population during the Great Patriotic War (based on the materials of the Volga-Vyatka region). In: The Great Patriotic War in the history and memory of the peoples of the South of Russia: events, participants, symbols. Materials of the II All-Russian Scientific Conference, timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. In 2 parts. Part 1. Pp. 299-307.

216. Zemlyanova E.V. Problemy semei s det'mi v svete Kontseptsii demograficheskoi politiki RF. In: V Nizhnevolzhskie chteniya Sotsial'no-politicheskie, ekonomicheskie i demograficheskie aspekty razvitiya sovremennogo obschestva Materialy Mezhdunarodnoi nauchno-prakticheskoi konferentsii, Volgograd, 8-9 oktyabrya 2021 g. / redkol.: V.A.Dzedik ( [i dr.]. - Volgograd: Izdatel'stvo VolGU, 2021. P. 62-67.

217. Grishaeva N.P. Problems of the formation of socio-professional skills of modern preschoolers. In: «Transformation of the social and labor sphere in a digital society». Materials of the international scientific conference. Dushanbe. July 15, 2021 «Polygraph Group» LLC. P. 455-458.

218. Vartanova M.L. Food security in the EAEU: the impact of the pandemic on the common market in conditions of global instability. In: Sustainable development of the agro-food complex as a factor in ensuring food security in Russia: Collection of materials of the All-Russian scientific conference. Ostrovsky readings. - Saratov: IAgP RAS, 2021. No. 1. P. 73-78.

219. Kublitskaya E.A., Lyutenko I.V.Religiosity in self-regulation of youth life. In: Self-regulation of youth life: methodology and social practices: monograph / Yu.A. Zubok, O. N. Bezrukova, Yu.R. Vishnevsky and others; scientific. ed. Yu.A. Tooth. - Belgorod: OOO Epi-Center, 2021. P. 217-247.

220. Lenkov R.V. Reforming education management in Russia: from the goal-setting phase to the digital future. In: The digital future of education: a study guide to prepare bachelors of all directions: Recommended by the Academic Council of the State University of Management / Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, State University of Management, Institute of Personnel Management, Social and Business Communications; under the editorship of M.Yu. Zakharov, I.E. Starovoitova. - Moscow: GUU, 2021. P. 26-42.

221. Sigareva T.P., Sivoplyasova S.Yu., Pletnyova Yu.E. Risks of the demographic development of Russia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and preliminary results. In: COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges, consequences, counteraction: [monograph] / A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov [and others] Ed. A.V. Torkunova, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashova; entry A.V. Torkunov.- M .: Publishing house Aspect Press, 2021. P. 155-172.

222. Rogovaya A.V. The role of youth in determining the ways and forms of small town development. In: Humanitarian and socio-political problems of modernization of the Caucasus. Issue IX. Collection of reports of the ixth International Scientific Conference Humanitarian and Socio-political problems of modernization of the Caucasus (Magas, May 19-23, 2021) / Scientific editor I.M. Sampiev. Nazran: KEP LLC, 2021. P. 128-134.

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