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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
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51. Zorina, A. E. (2023) Lichnostnye resursy kak faktor uspekha zhenskogo predprinimatelstva [Personal resources as a success factor of womens entrepreneurship], Zhenshchina v rossiĭskom obshchestve, no. 1, pp. 7991. DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2023.1.6. EDN: PALAWO

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53. Chernyshev K. A., Mityagina E. V., Chernysheva N. V. and Petrov E. Yu. Masshtaby i napravleniia obrazovatelnoi migratsii tuvinskoi molodezhi [Incidence and directions of educational migration of Tuvan youth]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 70-83. (In Russ.). DOI:

54. Ryazantsev S.V., Ivanova A.E., Vangorodskaya S.A. Medical care for Tajik migrant workers in Russia. Bulletin of Semashko National Research In- stitute of Public Health. 2023;(2):7682. (In Russ.). doi:10.25742/NRIPH.2023.02.011.

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62. Pain E.A. (2023) Nationalism Under the Cover of Stability: Exploring the Latent Factors of Soviet Disintegration (The Lessons of the Brezhnev Era). Mir Rossii, vol. 32, no 1, pp. 87108.

63. Volkova O.A., Osadchaya G.I. Nekommercheskie organizatsii Tuvy kak subekty realizatsii demograficheskoi politiki [Non-profit organizations of Tuva as subjects of demographic policy implementation]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 99-110. (In Russ.). DOI:

64. Medvedeva, E.I., Kroshilin S.V., Avacheva T.G. The need for the development of information competencies in the preparation of students in medical universities. Medical education and professional development. 2023. Vol. 14. No. 1(49). Pp. 66-78. DOI 10.33029/2220-8453-2023-14-1-66-78. EDN VRZFQI

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66. Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V. New challenges to successful people: trends of Russian realities. Regional problems of economic transformation. 2023. No. 4(150). Pp. 229-237. DOI 10.26726/1812-7096-2023-4-229-237. EDN NMJNPV.

67. Rassolova E. N., Galkin K. A. (2023) New Practices of Urban Activism in a Post-Industrial Russian City. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes. No. 3. P. 153168. https:// (In Russ.)

68. Karepova, S.G., Nekrasov, S.V. & Pinchuk, A.N. (2023). On the Key Ways of Influencing Public Consciousness: Features and Main Characteristics. Socialnaya politika i sociologiya [Social Policy and Sociology]. Vol. 22. No.1. P. 7683. (In Russ.)

69. Sogomonov A.Yu. Enlightenment and engineering education in early Russian empire. Semestrial Papers of Applied Ethics. 2023. No. 1 (61). Pp. 162-175.

70. Rostovskaya T.K. On the development of an Action Strategy for saving men and supporting responsible fatherhood: the author's view. Bulletin of the South Russian State Technical University (NPI). Series: Socio-economic Sciences. 2023. Vol. 16. No. 1. Pp. 40-47.

71. Rutkevich, E. D. (2023), On current world, (non)religious diversity and post-secular perspective, Research Result. Sociology and management, 9 (2), 58-76. DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2023-9-2-0-5

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74. Pankratova L.S. Youth public opinion about the family as institutional support in contemporary Russia. Bulletin of Tula State University. Humanitarian sciences. 2023. No. 1. Pp. 189-196. DOI: 10.24412/2071-6141-2023-1-189-196

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77. Galkin K.A. [Specific features of interaction between doctors and elderly patients in rural areas (a case study of the Leningrad Region)]. Vestnik Permskogo universiteta. Filosofia. Psihologia. Sociologia [Perm University Herald. Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology], 2023, issue 1, pp. 141151 (in Russian),

78. Galkin K.A. (2023). Features of Delayed Aging in the Post-COVID World. Review of Studies. Social area, 9 (2). DOI: 10.15838/sa.2023.2.38.2 URL:

79. Rostovskaya T. K., Zolotareva O. A. and Davletshina L. A. Osobennosti rozhdaemosti v Respublike Tyva (19912021) [Features of birth rate in the Republic of Tuva (19912021)]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 34-49. DOI:

80. Popova S.M., Yanik A.A., Rfshepov A.V. Osobennosti funktsionirovaniia i pravovogo regulirovaniia rynka truda Respubliki Tyva v usloviiakh pandemii COVID-19 i tsifrovoi transformatsii [Features of functioning and legal regula-tion of the labor market in the Republic of Tuva under conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and digital transformation]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 17-33 (In Russ.)

81. Li Qin, Babich N.S. Attitudes of USSR population towards China from the 1960-s to the 1980-s. Voprosy Istorii. 2023. No. 1-2. Pp. 56-63.

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84. Ilyicheva L.Yu., Lapin A.V. Partnership of the state and civil society in the digital space as a condition for the realization of citizen's rights. Izvestiya Tula State University. 2023. No. 2. Pp. 3-26. DOI 10.24412/2071-6141-2023-2-3-26.

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86. Latov, Yu. V. (2023). Petrovskaya modernization war miracle instead of economic miracle? Lomonosov Economics Journal, 58(2), 6281.

87. Malinov A.V. A.B. Anokhin's Letter on Shamanism Among the Altai Tribes Vestnik Arheologii, Antropologii i Etnografii 2023. 1(60). P. 182-190. DOI 10.20874/2071-0437-2023-60-1-16. EDN CHUSDW.

88. G.S. Shirokalova G.S. Pronina E.I. Following in the footsteps of the section cultural heritage and communication of generations. Vestnik of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod. Social Sciences. 2023. No. 1 (69). Pp. 188-194. DOI:10.52452/18115942_2023_1_188

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90. Kornilova, M.V. (2023). Elderly Muscovites and the Pandemic: A Time of New Opportunities? Socialnaya politika i sociologiya [Social Policy and Sociology]. Vol. 22. No. 1. P. 8492. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.17922/2071-3665-2023-22-1-84-92

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92. Rebrov S.A. Political Theology of Contingency: Reading Materialists with Carl Schmitt. RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2023. Vol. 25. No. 2. Pp. 308-318. Doi: 10.22363/2313-1438-2023-25-2-308-318.

93. Nikolaeva U.G. (2023). The political economy of precapitalist societies according to Yury Semenov (19292023): a new stage in the development of historical materialism. Problems in Political Economy.2023. No. 2 (34). Pp. 128-147.

94. Adamyants T.Z. Understanding in the field of Social Communication as a Mental Technology. Chelovek. 2023. 34.1.:51-67. URL: DOI: 10.31857/S023620070024827-6

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96. Semyonova V. G., Sabgayda T. P., Zubko A. V., Evdokushkina G. N. Loss among the Russian working-age population during stable and crisis periods in the context of the major risk factors. Socialnye i gumanitarnye znanija. 2023. Vol. 9. No. 1. Pp. 84-101. (in Russ.)

97. Kozyreva P.M., Smirnov A.I. (2023) Potrebnost v informatsii o zdorovom obraze zhizni i uroki pandemii koronavirusa [The demand for information on a healthy lifestyle and lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic]. Zhurnal sotsiologii i sotsialnoy antropologii [The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology], 26(2): 4666 (in Russian). EDN: MPWHVE

98. Sogomonov A.Ju. Practical Morals and Hakers Ethics in the Mirror of the University Didactics. Semestrial Papers of Applied Ethics. 2023. No. 2 (62). Pp. 58-73.

99. Vidiasova L. ., Grigoryeva, I. A. (2023). Subject field of active/delayed aging research: Results of scientometric analysis and mapping. Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Sociology, 16(1), 4-26.

100. Sabgaida T. P., Rudnev S. G., Zubko A. V. ans Evdokushkina G. N. Predotvratimaia smertnost v Respublike Tuva i vliianie na nee pandemii COVID-19 [Preventable mortality in the Republic of Tuva and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on it]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 50-69. (In Russ.). DOI:

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