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651. Galkin K.A. Features of the formation of care for the olderly in non-state residential homes. Advances in gerantology, 2020, Vol. 33, No. 5, pp. 870-878.

652. Duka A. Ot kakogo nasledstva otkazyvayutsya rossiyskiye elity (evolyutsiya smysla Velikoy Otechestvennoy voyny vo vlastnom diskurse) [What inheritance do Russian elites refuse? (evolution of the meaning of the Great Patriotic War in the power discourse)]. Vlast i elity [Power and Elites], 2020, 7 (2): 97128. (In Russian)

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676.  The victory that changed the world (wars, revolutions, reforms in the fate of Russia): [Monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A. A. Galkin, Yu. S. Oganisyan [et al.]; Ed. by O. M. Mikhaylenok; . - Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2020 - 405 p.

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680. Aleksandrova O.A., Yarasheva A.V., Nenakhova Yu.S. Professional training of nurses for medical organizations in the capital: problems and solutions. Problemy sotsialnoi gigieny, zdravookhraneniya I istorii meditsiny. 2020. 28 (Special edition): 680-686.

681. Vorobyeva O. D. Approaches to solving the problems of adaptation and integration of different categories of migrants.Socio-psychological adaptation of migrants in the modern world. Materials of the 5th International Scientific and Practical Conference. Responsible editor V. V. Konstantinov.Pero Publishing House (Moscow), 2020. - 329s.

682. Ryazantsev S.V., Mishchuk S.N. Approaches to Citizenship and Ethnicity of Migrants in Russia. Nauchnoe obozrenie. Seriya 1. Jekonomika i parv [Scientific Review. Series 1. Economics and Law]. 2020. N. 5. . 18-31. DOI: 10.26653/2076-4650-2020-5-02. (in Russ.)

683. Kuznetsov R.S., Lagutina M.A. Approaches to digitalization of higher education. In: Education and science in Russia: state and development potential: Yearbook. Issue 5 / Exec. ed. A. L. Arefiev; FCTAS RAS. M.: FCTAS RAS, 2020. P. 219-231. URL:

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