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651. Dobrokhleb V.G. Problems of social isolation of elderly people during the COVID-19 pandemic. In: Gender panorama of modern Russia [monograph] / V. G. Dobrokhleb [et al.]; ed. V. G. Dobrokhleb, Z. A. Khotkina, M. V. Belikova; FNISTC RAS. M.: FNIC RAS, 2022. P. 142-146.

652. Vartanova M.L. Food security in the context of the economic security of the state and its role in the framework of economic cooperation of the EAEU. In: Management and Economics: research and development: monograph / Ed. by K.B. Gerasimov. Penza: PGAU, 2022. P. 146-162.

653. Vartanova M.L. Food security of the EAEU countries in conditions of global uncertainty. In: Third December socio-political readings How are you living, Russia?. The challenges of the pandemic, parliamentary elections and the strategic agenda for society and the state: materials of the scientific and practical conference. ((Moscow, December 24, 2021) / Ed. by V. K. Levashov; Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow: FNISTC RAS, 2022. P. 14-22.

654. Karepov G.E., Karepova S.G. Propaganda: sociocultural and artistic aspects. Humanities, social-economic and social sciences. 2022. No. 9. Pp. 58-62.

655. Cherednichenko G.A. They just wont pay for a diploma anymore: prospects for part-time education // Skillbox Media. Education. 04/07/2022. Website. URL:

656. Boyarkina, S. I. (2022). Protests of health care workers during the health care reform: Representation of discourse in digital media. Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Sociology, 15(3), 252-269.

657. Wiener B. E. Contradictions of the Soviet Theory of Ethnos: The History of the Concept and its Prospects. Bulletin of the Irkutsk State University. Geoarchaeology, Ethnology, and Anthropology Series. 2022, Vol. 40, pp. 3751. (in Russ.)

658. Astafyev, Ya. U. Professions for Vocational Education Graduates in the Field of Internet Services. Professional education in the modern world, 2022, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 723-732. DOI: 10.20913/2618-7515-2022-4-19. (In Russ.).

659. Nedoseka E.V., Sharova E.N. Vocational and Educational Strategies of SVE Students (Based on a Survey in the Murmansk Oblast). Arktika i Sever [Arctic and North], 2022, no. 49, pp. 193210. DOI: 10.37482/issn2221-2698.2022.49.193

660. The process of reproduction of labor resources in modern Russia: [monograph] / V. A. Gnevasheva, A.V. Topilin, O. D. Vorobyova. M.: Prospect, 2022. 200 p.

661. Turakaev M.S., Baimurzina G.R. A fly-in fly-out work through the eyes of temporary labor migrants from Bashkortostan. Problems of Territorys Development. 2022, 26 (6), 115133. DOI: 10.15838/ptd.2022.6.122.7

662. Gurko, T. A. (2022) Razvitie instituta roditelstva: analiz ėmpiricheskikh pokazateleĭ [Development of the parenthood institution: analysis of empirical indicators], Zhenshchina v rossiĭskom obshchestve, no. 4, pp. 314.

663. Ruban L.S. The Development of the Theory of Democracy and the Contribution of Seymour Martin Lipset to Political Sociology. Socialnye i gumanitarnye znanija. 2022. Vol. 8. No 3. Pp. 310-319. DOI: 10.18255/2412-6519-2022-3-310-319

664. Kalinin P. S., Orlov G. M. The development of electronic interaction between the clinic and the patient: the experience of creating and testing a chatbot in a medical center. International Journal of Open Information Technologies. 2022. Vol. 10. No. 11. Pp. 105-112.

665. Grebnyak O.V., Novozhenina O.P. Distribution of socio-gender activity in the transition to a digital state. RSUH/RGGU BULLETIN. Series Philosophy. Social Studies. Art Studies. 2022. No. 1, part 2. Pp 256-265. DOI: 10.28995/2073-6401-2022-1-256-265.

666. Gaydukov V.R., Zheleznyakov A.S., Tikunov V.S., Tikunova I.N. Creating an index of demographic development of countries and regions on the example of Mongolia and its immediate environment, using GIS technologies InterCarto. InterGIS. GI support of sustainable development of territories: Proceedings of the International conference. Moscow: MSU, Faculty of Geography, 2022. V. 28. Part 2. P. 86110. DOI: 10.35595/2414-9179-2022-2-28-86-110 (In Russian)

667. Vartanova M.L.Implementation of import substitution policy within the framework of economic cooperation with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. In: Problems and main directions of increasing the efficiency of the functioning of the agro-industrial complex of the region in the context of globalization and import substitution: monograph (scientific publication) / Under the general editorship of O.A. Stolyarova and R.R. Yunyaeva. Penza: RIO PGAU, 2022. P.20-45.

668. Makeeva S.B. Implementation of the strategy of coordinated regional development of the PRC in the 1990-2010s: modern Chinese historiography. Tomsk State University Bulletin. 2022. No. 475. P. 155-163.

669. Savelev I.A. (2022). Implementing the socio-economic development strategy of the RF regions in the context of reducing negative consequences of socio-economic inequalities, Management Issues, no. 6, pp. 3647. URL: DOI: 10.22394/2304-3369-2022-6-36-47. EDN: SGOSZW.

670. Tev D. Regionalnaya administrativnaya elita: sotsialno-professionalnyye istochniki rekrutirovaniya i karyera [Regional administrative elite: socio-professional sources of recruitment and careers]. Vlast i elity [Power and Elites], 2022, 9 (2): 146171. (in Russian)

671. Farakhutdinov Sh.F. Regional and ethnic identity of student youth. Alma mater (Bulletin of Higher School). 2022. No. 2. Pp. 86-93.

672. Golenkova Z.T., Khagurov T.A. Regional youth in a nonlinear global-local society: new forms of social tension. Bulletin of the Peoples Friendship University of Russia. Series: Sociology. 2022. Vol. 22. No. 2. Pp. 291-305. DOI: 10.22363/2313-2272-2022-22-2-291-305

673. Golenkova Z. T., Tseveeny Tsetsenbileg, Badaraev D. D., Goliusova Yu. V., Samba A. D.-B. Regional Specifics of Informal Employment in Russia and Mongolia. Oriental Vector: History, Society, State. 2022; 1: 2437 (In Russ.).

674. Makeeva S. (2022). Regional Development of Liaoning Province and Partnership with Russia (1990s to present). Problemy Dalnego Vostoka (4), pp. 75-88 DOI: 10.31857/S013128120020452-8

675. Fomin M.V., Shneiderman I.M., Lukashenko E.A., Mikryukov N.Yu., Miriazov T.R. Regional Centers of Siberia: Socio-Economic and Demographic Analysis of Spatial Development. Voprosy statistiki. 2022;29(4):71-83. (In Russ.)

676. Bystrova A. Regionalnyye chinovniki i politiki RF: sravnitelnyy analizkaryer [Regional officials and politicians of the Russian Federation: a comparativeanalysis of careers]. Vlast i elity [Power and Elites], 2022, 9 (2): 122145. (In Russian)

677. Popova S.M., Uvarov V.B., Yanik A.A. Regulation of Remote Sensing of the Earth from Space: International Practice. International Law. 2022. No. 3. Pp. 1-27.

678. Kalachikova, Olga, Kozlova, Olga & Arkhangelskiy, Vladimir. (2022) Religious Determinant of Reproductive Intentions of Russians, Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov v Rossii i za rubezhom 4(40): 105138.

679. Nedoseka E. V., Nenko A. E., Lisenkov O. O. (2022) Representation of Perceived Safety of the Urban Environment in the Neighborhood Online Communities of Saint Petersburg. Monitoring of Pub lic Opi ni on: Econ om ic and So cial Chan ges. No. 5. P. 196-215. https:// (In Russ.)

680. Velikaya N.M., Zaytseva A.A.(2022). Representation of the special military operation in print mass media in the context of consolidation of Russian society. Caucasian Science Bridge, 5 (4). . 160-172.

681. Kabashova E. V. The Republic of Bashkortostan in the background of wage inequality in the Russian Federation. Vestnik BIST (Bashkirskogo instituta social`ny`x texnologij) = Vestnik BIST (Bashkir Institute of Social Technologies). 2022;4(57):7381. (In Russ.).

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