Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications

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101. Tykanova E., Khokhlova A. (2023) Konfiguratsii poley obshchestvennykh dvizheniy: konstruirovaniye malykh i masshtabnykh rezultatov deyatelnosti [Alignments in Social Movement Fields: The Construction of Small and LargeScaled Performance Outcomes]. Zhurnal sotsiologii i sotsialnoy antropologii [The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology], 26(2): 175196 (in Russian). EDN: xNSECE

102. Voronkova O.A. The Crisis of Political Discourse in Network Reality. In: Transformation of political relations in a networked society: [[monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Brega, O. A. Voronkova [et al.];ed. by O. M. Mikhaylenok ; SIC RAS. M. : FNISTC RAS, 2023. P. 68-89.

103. Vishnevsky Yu.R., Dulina N.V., Zasypkin V.P., Pronina E.I., Shirokalova G.S. Cultural Heritage: from Grandfathers to Fathers and Grandsons. Surgut State Pedagogical University Bulletin. 2023;(2 (83)):18-28. (In Russ.)

104. Zorina, A. E. (2023) Lichnostnye resursy kak faktor uspekha zhenskogo predprinimatelstva [Personal resources as a success factor of womens entrepreneurship], Zhenshchina v rossiĭskom obshchestve, no. 1, pp. 7991. DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2023.1.6. EDN: PALAWO

105. Voropaeva A.V., Korosteleva L.Yu. Small town a unique resource in overcoming regional inequalities in Russia. P.O.I.S.K. (Policy. Social Science. Art. Sociology. Culture.). 2023. No. 3 (98). Pp. 93-102.

106. Chernyshev K. A., Mityagina E. V., Chernysheva N. V. and Petrov E. Yu. Masshtaby i napravleniia obrazovatelnoi migratsii tuvinskoi molodezhi [Incidence and directions of educational migration of Tuvan youth]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 70-83. (In Russ.). DOI:

107. Ryazantsev S.V., Ivanova A.E., Vangorodskaya S.A. Medical care for Tajik migrant workers in Russia. Bulletin of Semashko National Research In- stitute of Public Health. 2023;(2):7682. (In Russ.). doi:10.25742/NRIPH.2023.02.011.

108. Ryazantsev S.V., Khramova M.N. International Congress of American Studies 200th Anniversary of Latin America - Globalization, Political and Social Processes during a pandemic. Vestnik RUDN University. Series: Sociology. 2023. Vol. 23. No. 4. Pp. 207216.

109. Kucher D.E., Kharchenko V.S., Kharchenko S.G. Modeling of the university's fire risk management strategy. Innovation & Investment. 2023. No. 3. Pp. 130-134.

110. Zhuravleva I.V., Lakomova N.V. Modernization of self-preservation behavior of adolescents. In: Russia: Trends and prospects of development. Yearbook. Issue 18: Materials of the XXII National Scientific Conference with international participation Modernization of Russia: priorities, problems, solutions. Part 1 / RAS. INION. Scientific department. cooperation; ed. V.I. Gerasimov. M., 2022. Part 1. P. 406-409.

111. Semenova V.V. Youth. In: Scientific-educational Portal of the Big Russian encyclopedia. 27.01.2023.

112. Dulina N.V., Mansurov V.A., Pronina E.I., Shirokalova G.S., Yuriev P.S. Young people about the Russian labor market: the desired and the real. In: New challenges and threats to the security of the Russian Federation in the context of global and local transformations: monograph/ team of authors; under total ed. S.V. Ustinkin, A.V. Nikitin. - Moscow: RUSCIENCE, 2023. P. 236-255.

113. Rutkevich E.D. (2023) Molodye pokoleniya i (ne)religiya [Young generations and (non)religion]. Vestnik Leningradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta imeni A.S. Pushkina-Pushkin Leningrad State University Journal. No.1. Pp. 81-97. (In Russian)

114. Sogomonov A.Yu. Moral Philosophy and early Russian educational practices. V. Tatyshev the thinker and the founder of the engineering education. Semestrial Papers of Applied Ethics. 2023. No. 2(62). Pp. 119-137.

115. Ryazantsev S. V., Bragin A. D. Moscow and St. Petersburg as centres of attraction for internal Russian migrants. Bulletin of the South Russian State Technical University. Series: Socio- economic Sciences. 2023; 16(2): 717. (In Russ.).

116. Rostovskaya T.K., Egorychev A.M., Gulyaev S.B. Museum as a socio-cultural institute of human and society development. Bulletin of Slavic Cultures. 2023. No. 67. Pp. 202-215.

117. Chernysheva N.V. Population of the Volga-Vyatka region in 1939-1945: historical and demographic research: abstract of a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences: 5.6.1. National history. St. Petersburg, 2023. 36 p.

118. Rostovskaya T.K., Knyazkova E.A. Mentoring and social Service of Academician D.S. Likhachev (based on the materials of the Book Letters about the good and the beautiful, 1985). Human capital. 2023. No. 7 (175). Pp. 130-137.

119. Pain E.A. (2023) Nationalism Under the Cover of Stability: Exploring the Latent Factors of Soviet Disintegration (The Lessons of the Brezhnev Era). Mir Rossii, vol. 32, no 1, pp. 87108.

120. Volkova O.A., Osadchaya G.I. Nekommercheskie organizatsii Tuvy kak subekty realizatsii demograficheskoi politiki [Non-profit organizations of Tuva as subjects of demographic policy implementation]. New Research of Tuva, 2023, no. 2, pp. 99-110. (In Russ.). DOI:

121. Medvedeva, E.I., Kroshilin S.V., Avacheva T.G. The need for the development of information competencies in the preparation of students in medical universities. Medical education and professional development. 2023. Vol. 14. No. 1(49). Pp. 66-78. DOI 10.33029/2220-8453-2023-14-1-66-78. EDN VRZFQI

122. Mostovaya D.A., Tkacheva N.A. Informal communications in the organization: theoretical foundations and methodological guidelines. Sociology. 2023. No. 1. Pp. 29-36.

123. Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V. New challenges to successful people: trends of Russian realities. Regional problems of economic transformation. 2023. No. 4(150). Pp. 229-237. DOI 10.26726/1812-7096-2023-4-229-237. EDN NMJNPV.

124. Latov Yu.V., Latova N.V. New cultural traditions in Russian cities. In: Urban Development in Russia and China: Patterns of Modernization / [M. K. Gorshkov et al.]; Ed. by M. K. Gorshkov, Li Peilin, P. M. Kozyreva, M. F. Chernysh ; FCTAS RAS. Moscow: Novyy Chronograph, 2023. . 449-480.

125. Rassolova E. N., Galkin K. A. (2023) New Practices of Urban Activism in a Post-Industrial Russian City. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes. No. 3. P. 153168. https:// (In Russ.)

126. Karepova, S.G., Nekrasov, S.V. & Pinchuk, A.N. (2023). On the Key Ways of Influencing Public Consciousness: Features and Main Characteristics. Socialnaya politika i sociologiya [Social Policy and Sociology]. Vol. 22. No.1. P. 7683. (In Russ.)

127. Sogomonov A.Yu. Enlightenment and engineering education in early Russian empire. Semestrial Papers of Applied Ethics. 2023. No. 1 (61). Pp. 162-175.

128. Rostovskaya T.K. On the development of an Action Strategy for saving men and supporting responsible fatherhood: the author's view. Bulletin of the South Russian State Technical University (NPI). Series: Socio-economic Sciences. 2023. Vol. 16. No. 1. Pp. 40-47.

129. Rutkevich, E. D. (2023), On current world, (non)religious diversity and post-secular perspective, Research Result. Sociology and management, 9 (2), 58-76. DOI: 10.18413/2408-9338-2023-9-2-0-5

130. Schneiderman I.M., Yarasheva A.V., Makar S.V. Provision of Housing for Residents of the Far East: Statistical Analysis. Voprosy statistiki. 2023;30(3):53-63. (In Russ.)

131. Andrianova E.V., Khudyakova M.V. Image of the future in the perception of rural youth: the possibility of consolidation. In: Consolidation of Russian Society in New Geopolitical Realities: Materials of Vseros. scientific-practical. conf. with international I Lapinsky Readings (Moscow, November 2122, 2022) / Department of Scientific Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vologda Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences. Vologda: VolNTs RAS, 2023. P. 191-193. 1 electron. opt. disc (CD-ROM). Text: electronic

132. Konstantinovskiy D.L., Popova E.S. Education stratification in Russian cities. In: Urban Development in Russia and China: Patterns of Modernization / [M. K. Gorshkov et al.]; Ed. by M. K. Gorshkov, Li Peilin, P. M. Kozyreva, M. F. Chernysh ; FCTAS RAS. Moscow: Novyy Chronograph, 2023. . 294-332.

133. Popova I.P. Learning workers: self-development or human capital of the organization? In: Quality of employment of employees and self-employed in Russia: collection of materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Ufa, December 14, 2022) / Ed. by G. R. Baymurzina, R. M. Valiakhmetov ; F SIC RAS ; Unit; ROZ. Moscow : FNISTC RAS, 2023. P. 89-97. URL: DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-89697-414-7.2023

134. Rybakova, M.V. & Ivanova, E.Yu. (2023) The General and the Special in the Diplomat Profession through the Eyes of Students: Cross-Cultural Study. Theory and Practice of Social Development. (8), 2537. Available from: doi:10.24158/tipor.2023.8.2 (In Russian)

135. Pankratova L.S. Youth public opinion about the family as institutional support in contemporary Russia. Bulletin of Tula State University. Humanitarian sciences. 2023. No. 1. Pp. 189-196. DOI: 10.24412/2071-6141-2023-1-189-196

136. Rostovskaya T.K., Khasbulatova O.A., Smirnova I.N. Single mothers in Russian society: touches to a social portrait. A woman in Russian society. 2023. No. 1. Pp. 32-42.

137. Voronina N.S. The experience of coding on paper, or How a researcher with a quantitative background learns to analyze interviews. In: Practices for analyzing qualitative data in the social sciences [Text]: textbook. allowance / otv. ed. E. V. Polukhina; National research University Higher School of Economics. - M .: Ed. house of the Higher School of Economics, 2023. P. 121-141. ISBN 978-5-7598-2542-5 (reg.). - ISBN 978-5-7598-2497-8 (e-book).

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