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中国和俄斯的 中等收入群体:影响和趋势 (Middle-income groups in China and Russia: influences and trends) / 李培林 戈尔什科夫 (edited by Li Peilin, Gorshkov M.K.). 社会科学文献出版社 (Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2018. - 409 p.
Дата размещения: 23.08.18

Handbook of the sociology of youth in BRICS countries / edited by Tom Dwyer (University of Campinas, Brazil), Mikhail K. Gorshkov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia), Ishwar Modi (University of Rajasthan, India), Chunling Li (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China), Mokong Simon Mapadimeng (University of Limpopo, South Africa). - World Scientific Publishing Co.Pte.Ltd. 2018. – 1074 p.
Дата размещения: 23.08.18

Gorshkov, Mikhail Konstantinovich. Russian Society in the Context of Crisis Realities: Internal and External Factors (Summaries of the Main Findings of the National Sociological Monitoring Survey) / Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow: Izdatelstvo VES MIR, 2017.
Дата размещения: 23.08.18

青年与社会变迁:中国与俄罗斯的比较研究 (The youth and social change: a comparative study between China and Russia) / Ed. by C. Li, P.M. Kozyreva. Social Sciences Academic Press, China, 2014.
Дата размещения: 23.08.18

Oleg Yanitsky Rivers without boundaries (RwB): Some preliminary remarks
Дата размещения: 16.01.18

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Oleg Yanitsky Remarks and comments on the book: Social Ecology: Society-Nature relations across Time and Space. Haberl H., Fisher-Kowalski M., Krausmann F. and Winiwater V., eds. 2016. Geneva: Springer International Publishing. 610 pp.
Дата размещения: 09.08.17

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Russian Youth in the Dynamics of Decades. Statistical Materials and Research Results. D.L. Konstantinovskiy, G.A. Cherednichenko et al
Дата размещения: 17.07.17

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Russian Society and Challenges of The Time. Book Five
Дата размещения: 04.07.17


Yanitsky Oleg N. Besieged city as a critical state of urban system
Дата размещения: 28.06.17

Yanitsky Oleg N. On Interdisciplinary Researches: A view from Russia
Дата размещения: 28.06.17

Bessokirnaia G.P. Is a «Decomposition of the Peasantry» Taking Place in Russia As It Reforms? Sociological Research, vol. 54, no. 2, 2015, pp. 134–145.
Дата размещения: 28.06.17

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Yanitsky Oleg N. The importance of informal practices studies: Reflections on the issue of the ‘Current Sociology’ Monograph 1 (vol. 65, no 2, March 2017)
Дата размещения: 09.06.17

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D. L. Konstantinovskii & E. S. Popova (2016) Youth, the Labor Market, and the Expansion of Higher Education. Sociological Research 55:4, 245-261.
Дата размещения: 13.03.17

Yanitsky, Oleg. N. Modern urban guerilla as a focal point of global geopolitical wars. Official Portal Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2017. P. 1-6. URL:
Дата размещения: 13.03.17

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Kolomiez V. Il paese Italia nell`immaginario russo dell`Ottocento.
Дата размещения: 26.02.17

Oleg Yanitsky. Globalization: Eleven years of interdisciplinary analysis
Дата размещения: 13.02.17

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Oleg N. Yanitsky. Metabolism as a master frame for globalization analysis // Official portal IS RAS. – 2017. – 9 p. URL:
Дата размещения: 13.01.17

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The information-analytical bulletin №1 - 2016
Дата размещения: 13.01.17

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The information-analytical bulletin №2 - 2016
Дата размещения: 13.01.17

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Boris Z. Doktorov The Timeline of the United States Presidential Election, 2016. Experience of Sociological Observation of the Social Process
Дата размещения: 12.01.17

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