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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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51. Popova I.P. Distance learning in employee self-assessments. In: Intelligentsia in the new reality: collection of articles of the XXII International Theoretical and Methodological Conference, RSUH, September 30 - October 1, 2021 / Under the total. edited by J.T. Toshchenko. Editor-compiler E.A. Kolosova. RSUH, Faculty of Sociology, Center for Sociological Research. - M.: Center for Social Forecasting and Marketing. 2021. P. 148-158.

52. Petukhov R.V. Public trust in public authorities as the foundation of public participation. In: Participation of the population in state and municipal management: textbook / D.P. Sosnin, E.O. Sonina, R.V. Petukhov [et al.]; Ed. by D.P. Sosnin. - M.: Publishing house Prospect, 2021. P. 63-74.

53. Dobrokhleb V. G., Yakovets T.Y. Long-Term Strategy of Overcoming the Consequences Covid-19 Pandemics in Russia. In: Saving the population of Russia: health, employment, standard and quality of life. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference IV Rimashev readings (Moscow, March 30, 2021) / Ed. V. V. Lokosov, V. G. Dobrokhleb, M. V. Belikova; FNISTC RAS. M. : SNITS RAS, 2021. P. 203-205.

54. Ivanova AE, Evdokushkina GN, Zemlyanova EV, Zubko AV, Sabgaida TP, Semyonova VG. Achievements and issues of the capital's healthcare. In: Pandemic's challenges and strategic agenda for the society and state: socio-political and demographic situation in 2021: [monography] / executive editors: VK Levashov, GV Osipov, SV Ryazantsev, TK Rostovskaya. M.: FNISC RAN, 2021. P. 211-231.

55. Latova N.V., Latov Y.V. Leisure practices of Russian workers as a factor of their human capital formation. In: Labor and leisure. Almanac of the Center for the Study of Economic Culture, St. Petersburg State University / Ed. D. Kadochnikova, D. Raskova. - M .; St. Petersburg: Gaidar Institute Publishing House; The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg University, 2021. P. 183-207.

56. Gnevasheva V.A., Ildarkhanova Ch.I. Life scenarios of rural youth. In: Self-regulation of youth life: methodology and social practices: monograph / Yu.A. Zubok, O. N. Bezrukova, Yu.R. Vishnevsky and others; scientific. ed. Yu.A. Tooth. 2021. P. 347-371.

57. Odintsova E.V. Housing insecurity of the Russian population: quantitative identification. In: Income, expenses and savings of the Russian population: trends and prospects. Materials of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference (Moscow, December 8, 2020) / Ed. by A.V. Yarasheva; FCTAS RAS. Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 208-212.

58. Vladimir Magun, Maksim Rudnev. Beyond the Soviet Man: Russians in the European Value Typology. In: Dismantling communism. Thirty years later / Ed. K. Rogov. – M .: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2021. P. 325-353.

59. Nazarenko A.V., Mikhaylenok O.M. Conclusion. In: Networking of political relations in the conditions of a new reality: [monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko, V. V. Lyublinsky [et al.] ; ed. O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko ; FCTAS RAS - M. : FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 346-353.

60. Semenov E.V. Conclusion. In: Vasiliev A.A. (ed.) Phenomenon of a scientific law. Barnaul: AZBOOKA. 2021. P. 273-275.

61. Zhuravleva I.V. Changing Attitudes to Health: Trends and Factors. In: Population of Siberia and the Far East: problems of savings and development: materials of the XIII International Scientific Conference «Baikal Meeting» / scientific editor K. A. Bagaeva. — Ulan-Ude: Buryat State University Publishing Department, 2021. P. 32-37.

62. Afzali M. Changes in the dynamics of marriage and divorce in Iran. In: Socio-demographic potential of the Russian youth: Materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Yalta, April 22-24, 2021) / Ed. T. K. Rostovskaya. - M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 118-123.

63. Tsvetaeva N.N. Changes in family and gender relations through the prism of autobiographical narratives. In: Russian family and children's welfare. otv. ed. I.I. Eliseeva FCTAS RAS. - M ., SPb FCTAS RAS, SPb .: FNISTs RAN, 2021. P. 40-48.

64. Mansurov V.A. Intelligentsia: status, functions and role in society. In: Academicians of the Academy of Sociology of Kazakhstan. Almanah • Almanac • Almanac ASK. – Nur-Sultan: KISI under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Association of Sociologists of Kazakhstan, 2021. P. 160-168.

65. Lyutenko I.V. The interest of Moscow youth in non-traditional religions, Eastern religions and esoteric teachings. In: Russia: Center and regions: collection of articles / Otv. ed. V. N. Ivanov, H. V. Dzutsev; FCTAS RAN. - M.: FNISTs RAN, 2021. Issue. 28. P. 83-88.

66. Fomin M.V. Infrastructure & connectivity of the Magadan oblast. In: Exploration of the North: From the past to the future. Conference reports on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Norilsk field. Krasnoyarsk. December 14-15, 2020. Ed.: V.G. Vovina-Lebedeva. Moscow, Publishing house of the Political Encyclopediaб 2021. P. 167-177.

67. Fadeev P.V. Historical and Cultural Ideas in the Formation of Russian Identity. In: The Substantial Basis of Russian Identity. Regional and Ethnocultural Сontexts : [monography] / L. M. Drobizheva, E. M. Arutyunova, M. A. Evseeva [et al.]; ed. by E. M. Arutyunova, S. V. Ryzhova. – M.: FNISTC RAS, 2021. P. 104-133.

68. Malinkin A.N. Chapter 1. The historical memory of the Russian people as a subject of theoretical study and an object of sociocultural policy. In: Historical memory of the Great Patriotic War in the process of socialization of students in the Rostov region (based on sociological research materials 2012 - 2020). Monograph in 2 volumes. Ed. V.I. Filonenko. Vol. I., Rostov-on-Don-Taganrog: Publishing House of the Southern Federal University, 2021. P. 11-115.

69. Vartanova M.L. On the issue of digital transformation of agriculture. In: Law, economics and management: a collection of materials of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation. The Chuvash State Institute of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture for Ethnic Affairs and Archival Vartanova M.L. Affairs of the Chuvash Republic / E. V. Fomin. - Cheboksary: Publishing house Wednesday, 2021. P. 19-22.

70. Zemnukhova L. How the position of the researcher is constructed in a (not) friendly field. In: New time, a new field: a changing world of qualitative research and new technologies/O. I. Zvonareva, A. Yu. Kontarev, E. V. Popov. - St. Petersburg: Aleteia, 2021. P. 370-401.

71. Galindabaeva V.V., Karbainov N.I. Karyms and Semeyskys in Buryatia: transformations of the ethnic frontier (based on the materials of a field study in the villages of Khasurta and Unegetei). In: XIV Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia: collection of materials. Tomsk, July 6-9, 2021/Ed. by I.V. Nam - M.; Tomsk: Tomsk State University Publishing House, 2021. P. 795.

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