Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications


1.  Berdyaev N.A. Christianity. Marxism. Existentialism / N.A. Berdyaev; Compilation, preparation of the text, introductory article and comments by V.V. Sapova. - M.: Academic project; FNIS RAS; Trikst, 2022. — 907 p. — (Philosophical technologies: Russian philosophy).

2. Arkhangelskiy V.N., Ivanova A.E., Fadeeva T.A. Reproducible potential of demographic development in Russia. Ed. L.L.Ribakovsky. M.: Publishing House Ekon-Inform, 2022 - 165 p.

3.  Demographic well-being of Russia. National demographic report / S. V. Ryazantsev, T. K. Rostovskaya [and others]; rev. ed. S. V. Ryazantsev; FNISC RAS. – M. : ITD Perspektiva, 2022. – 108 p. DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-88045-557-7.2022. EDN YHMZPP

4.  Demographic development of Russia in the context of national security. monograph / ed. by T. K. Rostovskaya. – Moscow : Prospekt, 2022. – 264 p.

5.  Demographic well-being of Russian regions. National demographic report – 2022 / T. K. Rostovskaya, A. A. Shabunova [et al.]; ed. T. K. Rostovskaya, A. A. Shabunova; FNISTC RAS. – M.: ITD PERSPEKTIVA, 2022. – 220 p.

6.  How are you, Russia? Express information. 52nd stage of the sociological monitor-ing, May 2022 / V. K. Levashov, N. M. Velikaya, I. S. Shushpanova [et al.]; executive editor V. K. Levashov. – M.: FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 91 p. URL:

7. Chernyshev K.A., Chernysheva N.V. Migration links of the Kirov region as a donor region: retrospective and modern features. M.: Prospekt, 2022. 272 p.

8.  Gorshkov M.K., Komissarov S. N., Karpukhin O.I. At the turn of the century: sociodynamics of Russian culture : monograph. Moscow: FNISTC, 2022. 703 p.

9.  Contribution to the history of Yugoslav sociology / Zinaida Golenkova ;[ translation from Russian Susanna [The chair]. - Belgrade : Serbian Sociological Society, 2022 (King: Graphicolor). - 245 p.

10. The process of reproduction of labor resources in modern Russia: [monograph] / V. A. Gnevasheva, A.V. Topilin, O. D. Vorobyova. M.: Prospect, 2022. 200 p.

11. Russian Identity and Interethnic Relations. Public Discourse and Social Practice : [monograph] / L.M. Drobizheva, E.M. Arutyunova, M. A. Evseeva [et al.] ; ed. by I.M. Kuznetsov, S.V. Ryzhova ; FNISTC RAS. – Moscow : FNISTC RAS, 2022. – 434 p.

12. Andreev A.L. Russian education in the Pushkin era: system, institutional structure, socio-cultural environments. Moscow: MPEI Publishing House, 2022. 452 p.

13. Lisichkin V.A. St. Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky): Religion drives science. - Moscow: Halley-Print, 2022. — 144 p.

14.  Sorokin P.A. Society, Culture and Personality: their structure and dynamics. System of general sociology / Translation and Introductory Article N.F. Zyuzeva, compilation, comments and scientific editing. V.V. Sapova. – Syktyvkar: LLC ANBUR, 2022. – 1048 p.

15.  Sociocultural foundations of Soviet modernity : [monograph] / O. V. Aksenova, E. K. Biyzhanova, K. V. Podyachev [et al.] ; ex. edit. O. V. Aksenova ; FCTAS RAS. – М. : FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 300 p.

16.  Sociocultural potential of small towns of Russia: collection of articles / Ed. M. F. Chernysh, V. V. Markin; FCTAS RAS. – M.: FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 212 p.

17. Shmerlina, I.A. Sociology of social forms: theory reassembly: [monograph] / I. A. Shmerlina; FNISC RAS. - M.: FNISTs RAN, 2022. - 157 p. URL:

18.  The standard of living and quality of life of the Russian population: from reality to designing the future: [monograph] / V.N. Bobkov, T.E. Bobkova [et al.]; edited by V.N. Bobkov (ed.), N.V. Loktyukhina, E.F. Shamaeva; FNISTC RAS. – M.: FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 274 p.

19. Sustainability of rural areas: problems and prospects : monograph / A. A. Khagurov, Z. T. Golenkova, P. S. Volkova, O. V. Tereshchenko. – Krasnodar : KubGAU, 2022. – 94 p.

20. Arefiev A.L., Bazhenov A.M. Anthology on world and Russian fiction in the course of social studies / Arefiev A.L., Bazhenov A.M. - M.: Buki Vedi , 2022. 186 p.

21. Ilyicheva L.E., Lapin A.V. Value and social determinants of sustainable development of Russian regions in the era of global civilizational deformation: monograph. — Moscow: Izdatelstvo Prospect, 2022. — 344 p.

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