Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications

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1.  The updated values of Russian society / I.A. Khaliy, ed. Moscow: Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015.

2.  Power and society in the Russia regions: practices of interaction: [monograph] / I.A.Khaliy, ed. - M.: Institute of sociology Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015

3.  Dimensions of Russian Education. М.: Center for Sociological Research, 2015 – 644 pages

4. Didenko D. V. Knowledge-intensive economy: human capital in Russian and global socio-economic development. – St. Petersburg: Aletheia, 2015. – 408 p.

5.  The history of the Russian political science Association / ed. S.V. Patrushev, L.E. Philippova. – M.: Publishing House Aspect-Press, 2015. — (Series Russian political science: Origins and prospects. Ed. by O.V. Gaman-Golutvina). — 360 p.

6. Fashion and People. A New Theory of Fashion and Fashion Behavior. Moscow: Knijnyi Dom Universitet, 2015. 6th ed. 228 p.

7.  New Meanings in Educational Strategies of Youth: 50 years of research [monograph] / D. Konstantinovskiy, M. Abramova, G. Cherednichenko, G. Goncharova, V. Kostyuk, E. Popova, E. Voznesenskaya. — M. : Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2015. — 232 pp.

8.  Lay and academic knowledge about society: interconnections and reconfigurations [monograph] / I.F. Deviatko, K. Bruckmeier et al. Ed. by; Institute of sociology, RAS; . – Мoscow, Progress-Tradition, 2015.

9. Lavrenyuk N. M. The development of the intellectual and innovative capacity of the regional community in Bashkortostan: Monograph. - Ufa: Scientific publishing center Aeterna, 2015. P.174

10. A Russian Bureaucrat: a sociological analysis of the lifeworld of the state and municipal civil servants / Edited by D.M. Rogozin. Moscow: Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2015. 316 p.

11.  Rossiiskoe obschestvo i vyzovy vremeni. Kniga 2 / Pod red. M.K.Gorshkov, V.V. Petukhov. [Russian society and challenges of the time. Book Two / Gorshkov, M.K., Petukhov, V.V. – editors.]. Moscow: zdatelstvo Ves Mir, 2015. 432 p.

12. Gofman A. Seven Lectures on the History of Sociology. 10 th ed. Moscow: Knijnyi Dom Universitet, 2015.

13.  The Comparative analysis of vital orientations of women in 2012, 2014 and 2015 years in book: Family, children - vital values and installations: results of sociological interrogation of the population in regions of Russia . Moscow. 2015.

14.  Modern state and prospects of development of civil culture in the Russian society / Edited by M. F. Chernysh. – M.: Russian society of sociologists. 2015. – 160 p.

15. Social Diagnostics and Sociological Expertise: Textbook / Y.G. Volkov. - M.: KNORUS, 2015. - 240 p. - (Baccalaureate).

16.  Socio-Political Transformation in Modern Russia: Searching for a Sustainable Model of Development. – /Eds. L.I. Nikovskaya, V.N. Schevchenko, V.N. Yakimets. – Moscow, Publishing «Kluch-S», 2015. – 542 p.

17. Voronin, Gennady Leonidovich. ьSociology of Spiritual Life: tutorial / The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA); Nizhny Novgorod: Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Exercise. 2015 - 224 p. ISBN 978-5-00036-096-5.

18. Tatiana Kozloa,Olga Krasnova. Senior Generation:gender and social-psichological aspects.-Saarbrucken, Deuchland. Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2015.

19. Tradition, Solidarity and Sociological Theory. Sekected Texts. Moscow: Novyi Khronogaf, 2015. 496 p.

20. Gasparishvili A. (Scientific editor), Alisov N., Isaev A., Onosov A. Labor Migration in Moscow: Facts, Opinions, perspectives. Situation analysis and national migration strategy modelling. — M.: MSU Publishing House, 2015. — 447 p.

21. Zk Saralieva, Širokalova G.s., P.i. Kukonkov, students of the great patriotic war. N. Novgorod, Russia: IZD-vo NISOC, 2015. -with 49.

22.  Value policy and institutional practices in the field of interethnic relations in economically developed countries with a complex ethno-cultural structure: Monograph / resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov. - Rostov-on-Don: The Foundation for Science and Education, 2015. - 316 p.

23.  The Black Sea-Caspian region and problems national security of Russia: textbook / resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov. Rostov on/D: The Foundation for Science and Education, 2015. - 214 p.

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