Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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1. Kliucharev G. A., Savinkov V. I. Problems of demand and the impact of the introduction of innovative knowledge-based products: interaction between universities, research organizations and industrial companies / G.A. Kliucharev, V.I. Savinkov. — M.: Social Forecasting and Marketing, 2016. — 63 с.

2.  Diagnosis of power and management: mechanisms of communication and double standards. Materials of all-Russian Conference and XV Dridze’s readings (Moscow, 29-30 October, 2015) / A.V. Tikhonov (editor) - М.: Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. - 406 p.

3.  DREAMING AN IDEAL SOCIETY IN RUSSIA AND CHINA / Edited by M.K. Gorshkov, P.M. Kozyreva, Li Peilin, N.E. Tikhonova /Institute of Sociology Russian Academy of Sciences. – Novyy Khronograf, Moscow, 2016. 424 p.

4.  The construction of the all-Russian identity in the context of interethnic and interreligious interaction: Monograph / resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov. Rostov on/D: Fund for Science and Education, 2016. - 244 p.

5.  Mass politics: institutional basis / ed. S.V.Patrushev.- M .: Political Encyclopedia, 2016.- 286 pp;., Ill. - (Political science of Russia).

6.   L.S. Rzhanitsina, G.L. VoroninI.P. Udovenko. Moscow children's budget: a new social technology program-oriented management [[Text]] / L.S. Rzhanitsina, G.L. Voronin, I.P. Udovenko; ANO The Board of Management and Development Moscow: Variant, 2016 - 232 s.

7.  National policy in Russia: the possibility of implementing foreign experience: monograph / resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov. - M.: Social and humanitarian knowledge, 2016. - 422 p.

8. Inequality and strains in the social space of the Russian regions: monograph / P.I. Kukonkov, S.V. Ustinkin.-Moscow: RUSAJNS, 2016. -162 p.

9. Semenova, Lyudmila. New Layers in the Socio-professional Structure of Russian Society. Saarbrucken: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016. - 80 p.

10. Images of ideology and humanism in modern Russia: monograph / Y.G. Volkov. - Moscow: Knorus, 2016. - 208 p.

11.  Basic educational program of pre-school education Tropinki / ed. by V.T. Kudryavtsev. - M.: Ventana-Graf, 2016. - 592 p.

12.  Volkov Y.G., Lubsky A.V. Fundamentals of Sociology and Political Science: Textbook. Аllowance. 2nd ed., Additional (secondary prof.). M.: INFRA-M, 2016. 204 p.

13. Paradigm of social action: professionals in Russian modernization: [monograph] / O.Aksenova. – Moscow: Institute of Sociology RAS, 2016. - 304 p.

14. Regional problems of diaspora of the new-earth communities: expert dimension[monograph] / V. V. Voronov, A. V. Dmitriev – M.: New Chronograph, 2016. - 128 p.

15.  Respublika Bashkortostan. Demograficheskij doklad. Vypusk 2 / pod red. R.M. Valiahmetova, G.F. Hilazhevoj, N.K. Shamsutdinovoj. Ufa: Vostochnaja pechat', 2016. 148 p.

16. Russian youth: from education to work (on the materials of sociological studies of educational and professional trajectories) [monograph] / G.A. Cherednichenko – St. Petersburg: Publisher RHGA, 2016. — 392 pp.

17.  Rossiiskoe obschestvo i vyzovy vremeni. Kniga 3 / [Russian society and challenges of the time. Book Three/ M.K. Gorshkov [et al.]; Ed. by Gorshkov M.K., Tikhonova N.E. Moscow: Izdatelstvo Ves Mir, 2016. 424 p.

18. Volkov Y.G. Independent work of students: a practical guide / Y.G. Volkov, A.V. Lubsky, A.V. Vereshchaginа. - M.: KNORUS, 2016. - 142 p. - (Bachelor's and Master's).

19. Grishaeva N.P. Modern technologies of effective socialization of the child in preschool educational organization: methodical manual / N.P. Grishaeva. - M .: Ventana-Graf, 2016. - 184 p. - (Tropinki)

20. Social imitation: experience of analysis of symbolic social reality: monograph / Y. G. Volkov; South Federal University. - Rostov-on-Don: Publishing House of Southern Federal University, 2016. - 112 p.

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