Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications


1.  P.A. Sorokin. Sociology and Ethics. Traslated by V.V. Sapov. Nasledie, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 158-162.

2. Sapov V.V. Sorokin P. A. Lenin-destroyer. Vestnik of Syktyvkar University. Series of humanitarian Sciences, 2017. Issue 1, pp. 5–9.

3.  Sorokin P.A. The New Soviet Codes and Soviet Justice. Translated by V.V. Sapov. Nasledie, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 146-157.

4.  Sorokin P. A. Contemporary Sociological Theories Through the First Quarter of the Twentieth Century .(Chapters from books). Chapter VI: Sociological interpretation of struggle for existence and sociology of war. Translated from English by A. K. Konyukhov and V. V. Sapov. Legacy, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 165-198.

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