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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
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1. Voropaeva A.V. The authority of the individual in the context of the adaptation of youth. POISK: Policy. Social Science. Art. Sociology. Culture: scientific and socio-cultural journal, 2018, Issue 4(69), pp. 28-38.

2. Adaptation and reintegration of the political space of the Russian regions: problems, recommendations [monograph] / Dmitriev A.V., Voronov V. V.; FNIC RAS, ed. 2nd, amended and supplemented. - M.: New Chronograph, 2018. - 336 p., Il.

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29. Nogovitsin O.N. (2018) The question of the unity of Being in the treatise On the difference between Plato and Aristotle by George Gemistos Plethon // 26th International Conference The universe of Platonic thought Plato's Heritage from a Historical Perspective: Intellectual transformations and New Research Strategies. St. Petersburg, August 2830, 2018. St. Petersburg: Platonovsky Philosophical Society, NGO, 2018. P. 147-148.

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