Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications


1.  How are you, Russia? Express information. 52nd stage of the sociological monitor-ing, May 2022 / V. K. Levashov, N. M. Velikaya, I. S. Shushpanova [et al.]; executive editor V. K. Levashov. – M.: FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 91 p. URL:

2. Chernyshev K.A., Chernysheva N.V. Migration links of the Kirov region as a donor region: retrospective and modern features. M.: Prospekt, 2022. 272 p.

3.  Gorshkov M.K., Komissarov S. N., Karpukhin O.I. At the turn of the century: sociodynamics of Russian culture : monograph. Moscow: FNISTC, 2022. 703 p.

4.  Contribution to the history of Yugoslav sociology / Zinaida Golenkova ;[ translation from Russian Susanna [The chair]. - Belgrade : Serbian Sociological Society, 2022 (King: Graphicolor). - 245 p.

5. The process of reproduction of labor resources in modern Russia: [monograph] / V. A. Gnevasheva, A.V. Topilin, O. D. Vorobyova. M.: Prospect, 2022. 200 p.

6. Lisichkin V.A. St. Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky): Religion drives science. - Moscow: Halley-Print, 2022. — 144 p.

7.  Sociocultural potential of small towns of Russia: collection of articles / Ed. M. F. Chernysh, V. V. Markin; FCTAS RAS. – M.: FCTAS RAS, 2022. – 212 p.

8. Shmerlina, I.A. Sociology of social forms: theory reassembly: [monograph] / I. A. Shmerlina; FNISC RAS. - M.: FNISTs RAN, 2022. - 157 p. URL:

9. Ilyicheva L.E., Lapin A.V. Value and social determinants of sustainable development of Russian regions in the era of global civilizational deformation: monograph. — Moscow: Izdatelstvo Prospect, 2022. — 344 p.

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