Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

International onference

International onference “Social transformations and the transformation of sociology: the main challenges. Towards the 90th anniversary of Vladimir Yadov”

The conference will take place in Moscow, Russia, 28-30, November 2019 at the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The conference sets out to stimulate discussion on the host topics of current sociology in a changing world and plans to cover a range of topics among which are:

  • History of Russian sociology. Role of the “sixties” generation of social scientists in instigating social change in the Soviet Union. Figure of V.Yadov.
  • Sociology and ideology: a removed dilemma or new challenges? Clashing methodology with ethics? Role of a sociologist in the changes to come.
  • Methodology: challenges and practices of contemporary research.
  • Russian modernization and global society. Is the modernization project obsolete? Are basic concepts applicable in national contexts?
  • Transformation of social identities and subjectivity. Social identities and factors of solidarity. Is solidarity a good word to describe the desired future social order?
  • Social Transformations and Public Consciousness. Society and state. New forms of inequality. Perception of social justice in Russia.
  • “Man and his work” - transformations in the field of labor in contemporary societies. How are the relationships between Man, Labor and Capital transformed?

The conference is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the late Vladimir Yadov and his momentous contribution to the development of sociology in Russia. He worked hard to modernize sociology, called for an ethical sociology whose message would be to promote democracy and good society. He favored flexibility over dogma, throughout his life focused on the main topics - finding structure/ agency link, an actor searching her/his way and identity in a society, social transformations in Russian society and how citizens evolve social solidarity, - with passionate  attention to research methodology, reliability and validity of data.