Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

HUMANITIES OF THE SOUTH OF RUSSIA Scientific - educational journal 

2019. No4

Table of Contents

To the Readers p.9-15


Russian Youth: to the History and Role in Modern Society Mikhail K. Gorshkov p.16-25

To the 100th Anniversary of Yu.A. Zhdanov

Intellectual Impact of Yu. A. Zhdanov on the Development of the Caucasian Studies Vakhit H. Akaev p.26-38

Yu. A. Zhdanov and History of the Don Cossacks Mikhail P. Astapenko p.39-41

Lessons of Yu. A. Zhdanov Viktor V. Krivopuskov p.42-57

Genius of the Rostov State University Anatoly E. Panich p.58-60

Remembering Yu. A. Zhdanov Yury A. Peskov p.61-66

Yu. A. Zhdanov in my Destiny Vitaliy S. Polikarpov p.67-70


Secularization in the Mirror of Hegel's Philosophy: the Experience of Theoretical (Conceptual) Reconstruction Tamara P. Matyash, Dmitriy V. Matyash p.71-81

Empirical and Universal Subject in Humanitarian Cognition Murad R. Aliyev p.82-89

Ideology and Practice of Demonstrative Consumption in Russia in the Conditions of Archaization of Mass Consciousness Gennady A. Vorobyov, Aues M. Kumykov, Vitaliy S. Pusko, Elena A. Agapova p.90-101

Environmental Safety in the Context of the Relationship Between Man and Nature: the Specifics of Philosophical Discourse Tatyana N. Meisner p.102-110

Revelation as Narrative in a Recent Philosophical Discussion Alexander V. Markov p.111-120

The Phenomenon of Propaganda in the Information Society and New Tools for Implementing its Strategies Elena M. Morozova p.121-128

Social and Cultural Circumstances of Demonstrative Leisure Consumption in the Modern Russian Society Ilya V. Pechkurov p.129-137

Evaluation of Archaic Practices in the Current Intellectual Tradition of the Russian Society Aleksey P. Sitnikov p.138-144

Military Security at the Present Stage of Development: Ways of Transformation and Support Measures Lyudmila L. Shtofer p.145-157

Nationalism in the Discourse of Modern Philosophy: Analysis of Theoretical Concepts Olga A. Yanchenkova p.158-166


Art as a Social Institution Viktor O. Pigulevskiy, Lyudmila A. Mirskaya p.167-177

Ecological Culture of Modern Russian Society: Essential Features and Trends of Semantic Transformation Yulia V. Maslova p.178-188


The Role of the Regional Technical Universities in the Development of Social and Labor Relations Galina Yu. Lazareva p.189-200

Mediation as an Effective Method for Resolution of Family Conflicts Yana O. Nigmatulina, Angelina A. Zhydenko p.201-208

Sociocultural Basics of the Institutional Specificity of Socio-economic Inequality in Russia Anna I. Yakovleva p.209-220


Social Consolidation in the Consumption Society: Social Resources and Management Mechanisms in the Conditions of Russian Realities Evgeny M. Kharitonov, Vitaliy S. Pusko, Anna V. Vereshchagina, Vladimir I. Kurbatov, Alexander V. Popov p.221-233

Instrumental and Methodological Support of the Strategic Planning Process at the Regional Level Konstantin V. Vodenko, Maria V. Komissarova, Svetlana A. Tihonovskova, Irina R. Gasanova p.234-245

Opportunities for the Strategic Development of Coal Mining Companies at Regional Level Alexander N. Dulin, Roman A. Dulin, Ruslan M. Gabitov p.246-256

The Role of International Cooperation and Integration of Small and Medium-sized Businesses in The Implementation of the New Quality of Socio-economic Progress of Russia Vladislav I. Ostrovsky p.257-268


 Rules for Authors p.269-273