Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sociologicheskaja nauka i social'naja praktika 


Vol 6, No 2 (2018) 

Table of Contents


To the reader 5-6

State and Problems of Social and Cultural Integration of Crimea in Russia

Reunification of Crimea with Russia: socio-historical, political and socio-cultural background Mikhail K. Gorshkov 7-16


Concepts of Modernization in Western Sociology: the Methodological Aspect Anatoliy Sh. Zhvitiashvili 17-33

Factors of Income Stratification of Russian Society: Methodology of the Analysis and Role Ascriptive Characteristics. Part 2 Anastasia V. Karavay 34-51

On the Reliability of Measurements in the Process of Reconstructing Social Types of Workers as Objects of Management Galina G. Tatarova, Galina P. Bessokirnaya 52-69

Sociology of Mass Consciousness

On the Problem of Politicians’ Image in the Public Consciousness (measurements from 1999–2016) Aleksander V. Zhavoronkov 70-93


The Lifestyles of Russian Parents: Trends and Regional, Age, and Professional Specifics Tatiana A. Gurko 94-109

Sociology of Risk

The Adaptation of Young People to Uncertainty in Academia During a Period of Modernization in Institutes of Higher Learning Alla V. Mozgovaya 110-125


Libraries as an Institute Potentially Influencing the Formation of Readers’ Personal Identities (using the example of Ufa) Pavel V. Fadeev 126-136


A Socio-Psychological Portrait of the Moscow Camp Counsellor Vyacheslav I. Belov, Daria Yu. Elkina 137-150


On the Way for Useful Knowledge and Skills Review of the book: Grigorieva E.I., Sitdikov I.M. Electronic publications. Technology of preparation. A textbook for bachelor's degree and specialty. Moscow: Yurayt Publishing House, 2018. Galina A. Cherednichenko 151-153