Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2015 No 2


A. Bogdanov On the Threshold of a Bipolar World? The Prospects of the Systemic Confrontation in the 21st Century p. 5

V. Bakushev, A. Ponedelkov The Problems of the Upper Decision Making: the Global Management and Parliamentarism p. 11

A. Gorelov, I. Bronnikov Global Neocolonialism and the Problem of Sovereignty p. 19

V. Vlah The Eastern Partnership Project: the Challenges and Prospects for Development at the Present Stage p. 25

S. Kislitsyn, O. Repinskaya Eurasian Format of the Anti-Terrorist Cooperation p. 32

I. Shatilo Novorossia as the Historical Reality and the Political Project p. 38

A. Vataman Formation of a New System of the International Relations and the Unrecognized States p. 44


I. Vasilenko The Role of Public Diplomacy in the Image Policy of Russia p. 48

O. Yanitsky Public Activism in Russia: Today and Yesterday p. 53

O. Gaponova, Ju. Chilipenok Informal Labour Relations in Contemporary Russian Organizations p. 61

A. Pirumov High-Quality Engineer Education as the Basis of Technological and Economic Security of Russia p.  67

V. Lyakhov Territorial Self-Government in Russian Regions in Situation of Reforming the System of Local Self-Government: Achievements and Risks of Imitation p. 71

V. Rodionov Political Process in Post- Socialist Mongolia: Legal Institutions and Informal Practices p. 76


D. Maltseva The Main Factors of the Development of Effective Strategic Models in Politics p. 82

O. Lipatov Perspectives of Participation of Elites in the Shaping of the National Security Policy of the Russian State p. 87

M. Lizogub Image of the Municipal Authority as a Competitive Advantage p. 91


S. Mel'kov What Values will Russia Have to Protect? p. 94

V. Belozerov The Military Doctrine of Russia: at the Start of a Long Way p. 98

V. Shilov Historical Science and Authority: the Problem of Relationship, part 1 p. 104

A. Perezolova City E-Referendums: Case Study of the Project «Active Citizen» p. 108

A. Vladyckiy The National Interests of the Russian Federation in the Post-Soviet States p. 113

S. Nedbaylo Rules and Contradictions in Cognitive Activity of Students of Higher Military Educational Institutions p. 118

V. Shishikin, V. Pinkin The Eurasian Customs Union: the Main Trends of Trade and Economic Relations in 2011–2014 p. 122


V. Bol'shakova The Right to Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion: the Specificity of its Implementation in Modern Russia p. 128

N. Filin, M. Piloyan Ayatollah Ali Sistani: New Opportunities of the Old School of the Shiite Religious Mentoring p. 133

P. Dudin Place and Role of the Religion and Religious Institutions in the Process of Formation of the Statehood in Inner Mongolia in 1930s–1940s p. 137


P. Merkulov, A. Eliseev, D. Aronov Negative Youth Policy as a Part of Public Policy towards Young People p. 141

E. Kats Management of Organizational Culture at Regional Agriculture Enterprises p. 145


A. Sokolov, E. Isaeva Civilian Control: the Experience of the Research from the Position of Political Science p. 152

A. Katasonov John Rawls' Theory of Justice Approach to the Intergenerational Justice as Guiding Idea of the Concept of Sustainable Development p. 157

A. Ivanova The Features of the Non-Institutional Sphere of the Russian Policy p. 163


B. Bazarov The Military and Administrative Organization of the Mongol Empire p. 168

E. Zotova The Settlement of German Reparations Problem in the Context of the English- German Relations (before 1931) p. 172


Yu. Yakubov The Perfection of Political and Legal Regulation of Sports and Physical Culture Sphere in the Russian Federation p. 177

A. Rogov, O. Nesterov The Constitutional Level of Legal Regulation of the Corruption Counteraction in the Russian Federation p. 182


A. Stepien-Kuczynska, A. Liulkouski Specific Features of the Polish Parliamentarism at the Present Stage p. 185


T. Litvinova Contradictions of the Russian Federalism on the Example of the Republics of North Caucasus p. 190

S. Sirazhudinova Government Authority and Expectations in the Republic of Dagestan p. 195


A. Glukhova Axiological Turn in Public Administration and its Russian Projection p. 202