Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2019 No 4



Regional Sphere of Labor: Condition, Features, Changes (on the Example of Nizhny Novgorod Region) Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin, Pavel Ivanovich Kukonkov, Ekaterina Konstantinovna Rudakova p.9-16

Regional Programs for Health: Issues of Implementation and Evaluation Svetlana Anatol'evna Vangorodskaya, Viktor Mikhailovich Zakharov, Valentin Pavlovich Babintsev p.17-25

«Generational Gaps» as a Factor of Increasing Conflicts in Modern Russian Society Aleksandr Borisovich Shatilov p.26-32

Education of Foreign Students in Russia: Political, Economic, Social Factors Sergei Viktorovich Rastorguev p.32-39

Youth «Parliamentarism» in Contemporary Russia: Trends and Prospects of Development in the Regions Vasilii Vasil'evich Markhinin, Nadezhda Vladimirovna Ushakova p.40-45

Formation of an Integrated Education System: Problem Statement Elena Igorevna Demidova, Sergei Evgen'evich Grishin, Larisa Vladimirovna Konstantinova, Tat'yana Nikolaevna Mitrokhina p.46-50


Digital Technologies in Modern Electoral Campaigns: Specifics of Application Sergei Yur'evich Belokonev, Maksim Sergeevich Vasil'ev, Viktor Valerievich Titov p.51-57

The Crisis of Globalization or the Search for a New World Order Ivan Valer'evich Yudin, Mikhail Borisovich Lyuskin, Eduard Yur'evich Kalinin p.57-65

Digital Citizens, Digital Society and Digital Citizenship Elena Viktorovna Brodovskaya p.65-69

Political Framework of Digital Citizenship Roman Vasil'evich Pyrma p.69-78

Fake News as a Phenomenon of Modernity Nataliya Rudol'fovna Krasovskaya, Andrei Anatol'evich Gulyaev, Galina Nikolaevna Yulina p.79-82

Youth in the Age of Globalization Irina Veniaminovna Polozhentseva p.83-86

State Regulation in the Sphere of Cyber Security: the Problem of Attribution of Attacks and Data Localization Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Nezhel'skii p.87-93

Youth Political Scientists Community Study: Network Approach Il'ya Aleksandrovich Pomiguev p.94-100


The Concept of «Co-Production» in the Context of Urban Governance Stanislav Germanovich Eremeev p.101-105

Social Risks as a Key Aspect of the Socialization Process Pavel Viktorovich Razov, Sergei Evgen'evich Shtepa p.106-109

The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the Economics of Ecosystems and its Influence on the Consumer Trends Anatolii Sergeevich Kislyakov, Artem Dmitrievich Ishchenko p.110-116

Linguistic Security as a Socio-Political Factor and the Tool of Trust or Discrimination Irina Mikhailovna Kuvakova, Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin, Ekaterina Konstantinovna Rudakova p.117-122

Consequences of Overcoming Gender Stereotypes for the Russian State Ol'ga Viktorovna Klimashevskaya p.122-126

Features of Interpersonal Relations in a Team, Organization Galina Nikolaevna Yulina, Svetlana Konstantinovna Adrianova, Galina Valer'evna Martynyuk p.127-132


Globalism and National Ideology Vasilii Vasil'evich Dyagilev, Ol'ga Viktorovna Shevchenko p.133-137


Prerequisites for the Integration of de facto Sovereign People's Republics of Donbass into Post-Soviet Associations with the Participation of the Russian Federation Sergei Alekseevich Kislitsyn p.138-141

The Current Confessional Situation in Ukraine: Interfaith Problems and Search for Compromises Irina Anatol'evna Snezhkova p.142-146

Roller Coaster for Russia. It is Necessary to Withstand External and, Most Importantly, Internal Threats Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Krasina p.147-152

Development of Gas and Oil Industry in Conditions of Adverse Geopolitical Situation: Historical Experience and Modernity Roman Viktorovich Gribov p.152-157

To the Question of the Concept and Types of Tactics of Public Order Vadim Vladimirovich Gromov p.158-163


Social and Anthropological Basis of Management in the Conditions of Modern Democracy Ol'ga Leont'evna Kraeva p.164-169

Formation and Development Prospects of Ethno-Gender Studies in Russia Natal'ya Valentinovna Shalygina, Irina Anatol'evna Snezhkova p.170-174

Theoretical Models of Women's Political Participation Elizaveta Leonidovna Badmatsyrenova, Svetlana Vladimirovna Dorzhieva p.175-180

In Search of a Paradigm of Public Management: Conscentianetics – Conscious Management Yuliya Mikhailovna Bol'shakova p.181-186


Features of Female Unemployment in Modern Russian Society Galina Borisovna Kosharnaya, Elena Sergeevna Tarkhanova, Elena Aleksandrovna Danilova p.187-195

Social Health of Female Students as Women’s Early Reproductive Age Category Tat'yana Ivanovna Barsukova, Dinara Dalkhatovna Bairamkulova p.196-202

Sociological Methods in Crisis Management of the Organization Ol'ga Mukhametshevna Dudina, Aleksandr Stepanovich Skok p.202-210


Changes in the Education System at the End of XIX Century: Great Reforms of Alexander II and their Importance for the System of Engineering Education Mariya Vladimirovna Dobrynina p.211-217

Grand Duke Sergey Aleksandrovich in Moscow: Formation of the New Governor-General’s Administrative Team, 1891–1893 Dmitrii Mikhailovich Sof'in p.218-222

State Regulation of Credit Cooperation Activity in Russia through the State Bank at the End of the XIX – Beginning of the XX Centuries (on the Materials of the Middle Volga Region) Tat'yana Aleksandrovna Kobzeva, Irina Ivanovna Tseloval'nikova p.222-228

Clergy and Laymen in Processes of Restoration/Revival of Buddhist Monasteries in Buryat-Mongolia during the Post-War Period Lyubov' Lubsanovna Abaeva p.229-233


Main Directions of Cultural Diplomacy of Modern JapanOl'ga Vasil'evna Dubrovina, Oksana Yur'evna Dubinina p.234-242

Some Notes on the Nomadism of Modern Mongolia: the Anthropology of Resource Conflict Aleksandr Dmitrievich Gombozhapov p.243-248


Imperial Characteristics of Chinggis Khan 's Power in Historiographical Discourse Evgenii Vladimirovich Nolev p.249-253


European Integration Development: Scenario Analysis Andrei Vyacheslavovich Rybakov, Daniil Andreevich Kvon p.254-260

Current State of Albanian-Russian Relations in the Political Sphere Noela Mestan Makhmutai p.260-270

Crossing of Authoriry and Gender Hierarchies in the Context of «Shift to the Right» in Europe Mariya Vyacheslavovna Isobchuk p.270-276

Turbulence in Mongolia: the New Wave of Social and Political Challenges Damdin Dorzhievich Badaraev p.277-282

The Genesis of Swiss Euroscepticism Elena Sozrikoevna Karsanova p.282-285


 Identity Policy as a State National Security Factor Konstantin Vladimirovich Blokhin p.286-288