Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2017 No 1


The Main Topic

V. Komorovski Poverty and Inequality as Challenges to the National-State Identity and the Formation of the Civil Nation of Russia (5-11)
A. Kochetkov Features of Formation and Development of Political Class of Modern Russia (12-18)
S. Vorontsov, A. Ponedelkov Russia in 2017: the Role and Place of the Federal and Regional Elites (18-24)
E. Kopaev The Problem of Archaization of Russian Ruling Elite’s Consciousness (25-28)
L. Badova The Trajectory of Civilized Approach and its Role in the Study of Dynamics of Elite (28-32)
Political Processes and Practices
V. Avksent'ev, G. Gritsenko Factor Analysis of the Dynamics of the Regional Situation in the North Caucasus in Terms of Human Capital (33-45)
D. Vakorin, S. Chernomorchenko Social and Legal Regulation of Innovation Processes in the Development of Agriculture of the Arctic Regions: State and Prospects (45-53)
E. Mikhailova, A. Skogorev Protests as a Form of Civil Activity in Modern Russia (54-59)
A. Skiperskikh Protest Behavior in the Russian Federal Election 2016: Special Features of the Lipetsk Case (59-66)
S. Gomanova Ecovillages in Russia: Institutional Aspect (67-71)
V. Rodionov Party Fractions in the Contemporary Political Process of Modern Mongolia (72-76)
M. Galas Migration Risks: Prediction Based on Geo-information Technologies (77-83)
V. Surguladze Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation – the State Goal-Setting Strategic Planning Document (84-87)
I. Yarullina Projects of Innovative Development of the Military-Industrial Complex: an Analysis of Possibilities of their Successful Realization (87-90)
V. Yankovskiy 10 Years of the Referendum in Transdniestria: Challenges of 2006 as the Factors of Formation of Civil Identity (91-98)
V. Tarchenko Refusal of the Newborn as a Form of Deviant Maternity (98-102)
Challenges of Globalization
O. Yanitskii Globalization and “Urban Wars” (103-111)
K. Belousova USA-Europe: Beginning of Power Relations (112-117)
K. Degterev Actors of International Conflicts of New Generation: Attributes, Hierarchy, Modeling Particularities (117-125)
R. Idrisov, G. Peshcherov Migration Policy: Search for a Rational Way in Terms of Geopolitical Reorganization of the World (126-129)
A. Lomova Prospects for the Development of China-Africa Relations (130-135)
Religion, Society, State
G. Gadzhimuradova Problems of Gender Equality in the Muslim Communities of Europe (Part 2. The First Part in №12 2016.) (136-139)
T. Badmatsyrenov Religious Practices in the Buddhist Cult System in Contemporary Buryatia (139-144)
N. Filin Criteria for the Right to Marja’yat (Religious Guidance) in Shia Islam (145-148)
I. Volkov Authority and Muslim School in Russian Turkestan (1867-1881) (148-155)
Ideas and Meanings
A. Paltsev, A. Ryabov Eurasian Mentality as the Civilizational Foundation of Nation Building of Eurasian Economic Community (156-158)
K. Shchennikova Traditional Values as a Factor of Conservation and Unity of Modern Russia (159-164)
N. Shalygina Y and Centenials: the New Mentality of the Russian Youth (164-167)
K. Sultanbekov Thinking about Criteria of Differentiation of Democracies and non-democracy in the Light of Dividing the World into East and West (168-172)
S. Khomyakov Methods of Formation of National Ideologies (173-176)
N. Safonova “Physiologus” of Alexandria and the Early Biblical Exegesis (177-179)
Political Science
D. Ezhov About Party Spectrum of Modern Russia (Some Problems of the Theory) (180-182)
A. Vataman, R. Tatarov Conditions of Formation and Realization of National Interests: Selection and Justification of Criteria for their Analysis (183-188)
Domestic Experience
I. Shatilo Militia Forms in the Defense System of the USSR and Modern Russia (189-196)
O. Nekrasov The Pamir Detachment: the Protection of the Russian Border at the “Roof of the World” and Management of the “Russian Pamirs” (196-203)
A. Berlov Comparison of the Estimates of Peasant Farming in the Writings of Agricultural Scientists of Russian Emigration and A.M. Anfimov (204-208)