Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2016 No 2


K. Gadziev. Reflections on the Prospects of the World-System
O. Mitroshenkov. Identity: from Theoretical Concept to the Administrative Influence

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

V. Babintsev, D. Davtyan. Civil Control in the Practice of the Local Self-Government: Socio-Cultural Aspect
A. Vasil’ev, Zh.. Ustemenko, T. Koverdyaeva. Development of Municipalities in the Russian Cultural and Historical Space
E. Vasilenko. Innovative Charity Initiatives of Russian Corporations
I. Kopayev. Foreign Innovative Technologies vs National Security

Political Processes and Practices

Ya. Plyais. Russia in Search of its Way of Development
V. Tyan. Features of Evolution of the Political Regime within the Paradigm of Systemic Crisis and the Country Identification
A. Simoyanov. Social Crisis as a Threat to Political Stability
M. Aligadjieva. Criteria for Renewal of the Political Elite in the Republic of Dagestan


A. Portnov. The National Socialist Movement «Slavic Union»:  Genesis, Development and Decline
N. Chikisheva. Responsibility for the Non-Compliance with Requirements to Results of Design and Prospecting Works

Ideas and Meanings

R. Trofimova. Culture and Typology of Civilizations
N. Starikov. From the Theory of Management to the Theory of Submission
Yu. Vasil’ev. How to Overcome the Gap between Historical Knowledge and Social Consciousness?
K. Lotarev. Possibility and Prospects of Conservatism in the Process of Consolidation of Russian Society
A. Goloborod’ko. State Cultural Policy in the Context of Reinforcement of National Security in  Modern Russia

Religion, Society, State

E. Zhukovskaya. The Management of Social Processes through Church and Public Projects


S. Vorontsov, A. Ponedelkov. Improvement of State Policy in the Field of National Security
E. Savrutskaya, S. Ustinkin, A. Nikitin. The Attitude of the Youth to the Problem of Unemployment in the Context of Age and Gender Characteristics
V. Shilov, M. Semenova, T. Sergeeva. Value Orientations of Two Generations
S. Sirazhudinova, S. Galbaltsev. Ethno-Political Competition and the Role of Civil Society in the Sustainable Development of the Republic of Dagestan
I. Vicentii. Political Identity as a Factor of Political Tolerance of the Students
O. Mrochko. Physical Culture as a Factor of Socialization of Students


G. Shevtsova. «Not a Complete Success» of the Day of Slavic flags in St. Petersburg (1912)
O. Sumarokova. To the Question of Linguistic Training of Administrative Officials of Turkestan
L. Kuras. Inner Mongolia as a Part of the Qing Empire: Power and Society (the XVIII – beginning of XX cc.)
M. Gaditskaya. Deviation as a Component of Everyday Work in the South-Russian Collective Farms in the 1930s.

Focus on Politics

V. Balakin. Taiwanese Statehood in the Process of East Asian Integration
A. Vataman. Formation and Realization of National Interests of Pridnestrovie
I. Shkrobtak. Military Power of the Great Britain at Present


D. Rubvalter. Who are you, Madame Le Pen?