Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2016 No 4


The Main Topic

A Koshkin, A. Novikov. Geopolitical Relations between Russia, the European Union and the USA: Prospects of Future Development


Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

E. Demidova, A. Nikolaev. Socio-Cultural Values as a Factor of Russian Political Process

N. Kazakova, Zh. Denisova. Technology of Crowdsourcing in the Government Regional Management

E. Maslanov, D. Maslanov, I.  Podsevatkin. Crowdsourcing Projects: a Space of  Interaction  between Society and the Government

E. Danilova, I. Teplova. Cluster Approach in the Russian Defense Industry Development as a Tool of  National Branding 

V. Burkov, E. Kotyrlo, S. Pavlov. Will the State Support the Industrial Parks?

I. Gladkov. The Foreign Trade Relations in the Post-Soviet Space: Latest Developments of the 21st Centure



A. Yanklovich. The Technology of Primaries on the Russian Political Soil


Political Processes and Practices

O. Yanitskii. Adaptation as a Perpetual Problem

T. Mitrokhina. Political Design: Specifics of the Global Projects

P. Merkulov, E. Malik. State Policy in the Sphere of Political Literacy and Political Education of the Russian Youth

M. Komarova. Youth as a Subject of the State Youth Policy

E. Reutov, M. Reutova, I. Shavyrina. Social Solidarity in Public Arrangement and Practices


Communications and Society

T. Karpova. Principles and Limits of Information Freedom in the Field of Private Life

V. Matanis, L. Cherekhovskaya. Prospects for the Implementation of the Educational Project "Orthodox Journalism"

V. Tsyrempilova. Evolution of Relationships between PRC and Mongolia as Reflected by the Official Chinese Press in the 1950s – the beginning of the 1990s

D. Bazarkina. EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator’s Communication Functions



R. Murzagaleev. The Institute of Labor Migration as a Priority of the Russian State Language Policy

A. Fomin. “Russell Group” or the “Ivy League” in the Modern Russian Reality

D. Sorokina. The Main Stages of Public Diplomacy in the Development of Russia


Ideas and Meanings

B. Zelenko. On the Political Responsibility

E. Smolina, V. Shiryaeva. Trust as a Social Technology in the Network of Government-Society Relations

E. Andreeva. Dynamics of the Russian Youth's Identity Transformation Abroad: Theoretical Basis

L. Abaeva. Features of Interpretation of a Phenomenon “Suns” in Mongolian People’s Religious Traditions in the Context of the Buddhist Civilization

S. Rassadin. «Whole» without «Parts»: Conceptual Understanding of Social (Dis)Order in Aristotle’s Works

Yu. Chernyakhovskaya. Philosophical Futurology and Science Fiction as Forms of Exploration of the Future of Society and its Political World



V. Stegnii. Students’ View on the Student Self-Government

T. Klochkova. Research of Needs and  Motivations of Preparing for  the Master's Degree in Management University



P. Vostrikov, B. Korolev. Organizational Forms of Realization of the National Crime Fighting Policy in the XI-XVII cc

S. Kuras. Issues of Health Service for Prisoners in the Tsar Russia in the Pre-Revolutionary Press

A. Zhukov. Activities of the Emigrant Organizations in Solving Social and Economical Problems of the Russian Refugees in Poland (1919-1939)

V. Shilov. The Problem of Compensation for the «Soviet Occupation» Damage


Foreign Experience

V. Kazadaev. The European Integrity Problems in the Program Documents of the Parliamentary Parties of Slovakia


Focus on Politics

B. Pazilov. The Role of Kyrgyzia within the Eurasian Economic Union:  Background, First Results and  Prospects

V. Zaval’nev. Modern Political Extremism: Adaptation to the Information Society


Our Student Correspondents

A. Zheleznyak. Regional Integration Project “The Orenburg Region – the Heart of Eurasia”



O. Gaman-Golutvina, L. Smorgunov, L. Timofeeva. On the 7th All-Russian Congress of Political Scientists “Political Science and the Challenges of  Modern Politics”