Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2019 No 3



On the Totalization of the War in the Hybrid Dimension Kamaludin Serazhudinovich Gadzhiev P.9-19

The Image of the United States of America in the Context of the Transformation of Russian Identity Sergei Yur'evich Belokonev, Tat'yana Vasil'evna Evgen'eva, Zaira Romanovna Usmanova P.20-28

The Contours of a New World Order: Changing the Principles and Rules of Competition for Energy Resources Leonid Viktorovich Krutakov P.28-33

Searching for Strategic Stability with Russia's Participation: Rejection of Double Standards and Political Lies Valerii Vladimirovich Bakushev, Aleksandr Vasil'evich Ponedelkov P.34-41

Technologies of Information Warfare against Russia Nataliya Rudol'fovna Krasovskaya, Andrei Anatol'evich Gulyaev, Artem Yur'evich Lakhtin, Antonina Nikolaevna Vakulenko P.42-47

Impact of Brexit on the Political and Ideological Conflict of European and Russian Elites Stanislav Pavlovich Mitrakhovich P.47-52


The Concepts of Simulation and Virtual Reality in Terms of Digital Transformation Vitalii Viktorovich Kaftan, Liliya Vyacheslavovna Ryazanova P.53-56

E-Government: the Dynamics of Interaction between the State and Russian Society in the 21st Century Polina Vital'evna Artemova, Sergei Georgievich Kamolov, Alena Nikolaevna Konstantinova P.57-62

Digital Technologies in Elective Processes as a Challenge to Democratic Perspectives Andrei Nikolaevich Kuryukhin P.63-67

Political Semantics of the Internet Meme Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Ezhov P.68-73

Socio-Political and Pedagogical Aspects of the Internet Culture Shaping Vladimir Viktorovich Shilov P.73-81

New Media in the Contemporary Russian Politics: Advantages and Potential Arkadii Vladimirovich Balchugov, Aleksei Evgen'evich Belyantsev, Roman Vladimirovich Bugrov, Ol'ga Anatol'evna Nemtsova P.82-85

Techniques of the of Political Discourse Formation in Conditions of Network Society Maksim Aleksandrovich Zlobin P.85-91

Moscow as a Smart City: Main Directions and Prospects of Smart Strategies of the Capital Development Irina Alekseevna Vasilenko P.91-95


State Policy of Stimulating Business Activities in Russian Regions Natal'ya Aleksandrovna Nazarova P.96-100

On the Issue of the Category of Efficiency in Activity of Bodies of Authority and Management in Russian and Foreign Scientific Discourses Vadim Vyacheslavovich Sokolov P.101-105

Attitude of Russian Youth toward Migrants through the Prism of Its Values Natal'ya Sergeevna Mastikova P.106-113

The Role and Place of Non-State Security Structures in the Country's Anti-Terrorist Security System Dmitrii Alekseevich Dontsenko P.114-120

Peculiarities of Climatic Conditions in Russia and their Effects on the Vital Activity of the Population Yurii Georgievich Peshcherov, Georgii Ivanovich Peshcherov P.121-124


Interaction of Political Regime and Law Enforcement Authorities Anton Borisovich Moiseev, Aleksandr Il'ich Satsuta P.125-129

Interaction of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and Religious Associations as a Factor of Political Stability of Modern Russian Society Aleksei Aleksandrovich Artem'ev, Shamil' Rinatovich Fatykhov P.129-134


Corruption Personality in Perception of Professional and Age Social Groups Irina Aleksandrovna Savchenko, Lyudmila Anatol'evna Snegireva, Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin P.135-144

Social Service for the Elderly: What Is Happening and Is Development Possible? Elena Evgen'evna Grishina, Elena Alekseevna Tsatsura P.145-154

An Analysis of the Practice of State and Public Control on Advertising and Approaches to the Detection of Obscene in Advertising Products Alla Kerimovna Polyanina, Aleksandr Olegovich Grudzinskii P.155-160


The European Union’s Foreign Trade in 2018: Presto with Tulips Igor' Sergeevich Gladkov P.161-166


Memory Policy in the European Union as a Tool for the Implementation of the Integration Process Nikolai Andreevich Medushevskii P.167-174

Sources of Perception of Great Britain in Russian Society in the 1850s–1860s Vladimir Vladimirovich Boriskin, Vladimir Ivanovich Filonov, Anton Veniaminovich Merkulov P.175-179


Retreat in Tibetan Buddhism Dulma Vladimirovna Ayusheeva P.180-184

Separatism as a Factor of Ethnic Conflict Situation Gadzhimusa Nurudinovich Musaev P.184-188

The Ritual Aspect of Mystery Tsam in the Buryat Datsans Darima Sanzhievna Zhamsueva, Oyuuntsetseg Luvsan P.189-193


Activity of Missionary Societies in the Sphere of Education in the 19th – Early 20th Century Evgeniya Sergeevna Matveeva, Anton Veniaminovich Merkulov, Valeriya Sergeevna Zakharina P.194-198

The System of Zemsky Insurance in the Middle Volga Region in the Late 19th – Early 20th Century Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Solov'eva, Tat'yana Aleksandrovna Kobzeva P.199-205

Verkhneudinsk Branch of the Russo-Chinese Bank: Directions, Specificity and Results of Activities in Conditions of Transboundary Area Anna Maksimovna Plekhanova, Aldar Amagolonovich Shirapov P.206-211

The Development of Cooperative Societies in Russia in 1907–1914 Aleksei Nikolaevich Kuraev P.212-217

The Development of Culture of the Morin-Dawa Daur Autonomous Region in the 1950s–1980s Bazar Dogsonovich Tsybenov P.217-222


The Improvement of the Mechanism of Fighting Corruption in Higher Education Institutions of China within the New Conditions Syui Li P.223-230

China's Soft Power: Educational Strategies of Foreign Policy Influence Innokentii Galimalaevich Aktamov, Timur Batorovich Badmatsyrenov P.231-236

International Relations Study Program’s Features in the Universities of Brazil Dzhonatan Da Kosta Santos P.236-242

African Direction of the German Foreign Policy in the Studies of the German Think Tanks Anton Vadimovich Polyachenkov P.243-249


Chinese Foreign Policy in Central Asia and Russia's Interests Metso Yur'evich Igityan P.250-259

Some Features of Nationalism in the North Caucasus Mussa Khabalevich Ekzekov P.260-264


Conceptual Tools for Digitization of Measurement and Assessment of the Use of Research Results and Publications in the Russian Federation Policy Dmitrii Aleksandrovich Rubval'ter, Oleg Vladimirovich Rudenskii P.265-275


The Nature and Practice of the Development of Interethnic Concord Valentin Aleksandrovich Mikheev P.276-280