Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2016 No 1

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

 S. Ustinkin, E. Rudakova, D. Eminov. Gender “Soft Power” Strategy of NGO as a Tool of Reformatting the Cultural Code of Society and State in Russia

 V. Markov, A. Ershov, V. Korzhenko. Problems and Perspective Approaches to Organization of Municipal Development in Russia

 A. Starostin, A. Ponedelkov, L. Shvets. The Phenomenon of Marginalization in Modern Russian Elitogenesis


Communications and Society

 O. Yanitskiy. Ideology and Network

 E. Evstifeeva, E. Maikova, A. Kozlov. Privacy in the Era of "Engagement"

 A. Lukanin, E. Eremina, S. Nedel’ko. Specific Features of Virtualization of Social Institutions in Information Society

 A. Voloshinskaya. Russian Public Initiative: Paradoxes of E-Democracy

 T. Kolevatova. Modern Mass Media in Public Diplomacy of Russia


Political Processes and Practices

 E. Maikova, E. Simonova. Problem of the Election of the Head of Local Self-Government in Modern Russia: the Theory and Real Municipal Practice

 K. Landa. Place and Role of the State Council  in the Formation of the Power System of the Republic of Dagestan



 I. Vasilenko. Possibilities Provided by Innovative Technologies for Branding the Formation of Modern Image of Russian Regions

 E. Danilova. Actualization of the Political Value of "National Safety" as a Factor in the Formation of  National Brand Identity

 V. Sukhanov. Corruption as a Global Problem of Global Management

 O. Chernobaj. Interregional Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

 F. Gasratova. Specific Features of the Legitimation of Power in the North Caucasian Republics

 A. Nesterov. Issues of  Rights and Freedoms of Juvenile Offenders Serving Sentences by Deprivation of Liberty: Sociological Aspect


Ideas and Meanings

 A. Denilkhanov. Originality of Formation and Development of Liberal Ideas in Russia in the XVII-XIX centuries



 Z. Sikevich. Public Figures of Russian History in the Eyes of Citizens of Saint-Petersburg

 A. Bardin, A. Kokareva, E. Mikhailova. Civil Society in Russia: Experience of  Comparative Analysis

 A. Zhvitiashvili. New Social Groups in Western Societies: General and Particular Features

 N. Ovchinnikova. The Centrifuge of Housing and Communal Services: a Study of the Behavior of Citizens


Domestic Experience

 O. Khasyanov. Corruption Activities of Senior Officials of the Collective Farms in the Postwar Decades

 S. Kuras. The Management System of the Prison Department in Prerevolutionary Russia on the Pages of Departmental Publications


World Order

 I. Gladkov. Trans-Pacific Partnership: Foreign Trade Relations of the Member-Countries in the XXI Century

 I. Maksimov, A. Salikov, I. Tarasov. Asymmetry of Political and Economical Interests of Russia and Germany towards East Baltic States


Focus on Politics

 N. Gribin. American Counterintelligence Refines Priorities

 V. Volokh. Forced Migration in Europe: the Condition, Problems and Solutions in Russia

 Ya. Krutikov. United Europe: the Challenge of Illegal Migration

 N. Asonov. Ideology and Stratigraphy of “Color Revolutions”


Students Write

 E. Zvoshchik. The Similarities and Differences of the Russian and Ukranian Nations in Terms of National Genesis and Ethnogenesis

 I. Ivanov, I. Pyatibratov. Influence of Oil Multinationals on Russian Policy



 I. Shatilo. M. Tukhachevsky and the Problem of Transition to the Militia Defence System

 S. Pasandide. The Views of Abu al-Hasan al-Mawardi on the State and Authority