Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2017 No 6

The Main Topic

7-17 V. Pavlenko, I. Melamed, S. Kutsenko, A. Tutygin, M. Avdeev, L. Chizhova The Foundations of  Balanced Socio-Economic Development of the Territories of Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

Youth of Russia – 21st Century

18-23 V. Stegny The Awareness of the Social Past by the Students

24-32 A. Magranov, A. Ponedelkov, V. Filonenko Social and Political Activity of Students of the Rostov Region

Political Processes and Practices

33-38 E. Rudakova, S. Ustinkin Environmental Activity of  Non-Governmental Organizations of the Russian Federation

39-43 V. Vinokurov The Main Factors of Forming the Students’ Emigration Tenets


44-51 I. Vasil’ev Defense Security of Russia in the National Security System

51-59 A. Prokhorova On the Question of Criteria and Performance Indicators of the «Business Twenty»

59-63 M. Orekhova Freedom and Security: the Correlation of Concepts in the Field of Political Activity of Russian Entrepreneurship

64-68 A. Vesnin Features of the Influence of Public Opinion on National Security of Russia 

68-74 A. Borisov Humanitarian Aid: Issue of the Principles

74-81 A. Nesterov Peculiarities of Preparation for Release from Penitentiary Institutions of  FSIN Russia of Minor Convicted

Ideas and Meanings

82-87 R. Trofimova, P. Seleznev Philosophy: Aesthetics and Language

88-95 G. Alekseev, G. Morozov The Nationalization of the Political Class as an Instrument of Providing State Security

95-99 Ju. Chernyakhovskaya Soviet Art Futurology and the Classic of Western Futurology: Historical Advance and Symbolic Differences

Religion, Society, State

100-104 R. Mukhametzyanova-Duggal Religion and Power in Russia in the 20th–21st Centuries: Three Models of State-Confessional Relations

104-109 Ch. Tsyrenov Chinese Buddhism under the First Emperors of the Northern Sung Dynasty

Domestic Experience

110-115 E. Batunaev Soviet-Mongolian Relations from Nomonhan Incident to the Yalta Conference 

115-120 A. Saran Legal Status of Public Organizations in the USSR in the 1920s–1930s

121-125 M. Gaditskaya Children’s Preschool Institutions in the Daily Production Life of South-Russian Collective Farmers in the 1930s

126-130 E. Molonova Petty-Bourgeois House Ownership of Siberian District Town in the Post-Reform Period

130-136 I. Gurlev The Activities of the Police of the Russian Empire in the First Quarter of the 19th Century (1802–1826)

Foreign Experience

137-146 N. Mikhal’chenkova Higher Education Reforms in the Republic of South Africa in the Context of Transition from Apartheid to Democratic Development

146-152 E. Urazbaev Ethnopolitics in Latvia and Estonia in the Context of the Institutionalization of  Nationalism

153-159 P. Merkulov, E. Tyurin, E. Savinova Evolution of  Scottish National Party in the Fight for National Self-Determination of Scotland: to the Question of Features of Scottish Nationalilism

160-164 D. Khokhlova The Iceland Model of Democracy as a Symbol of New Populism

Focus on Politics

165-167 M. Porokhova Efficiency of Municipal Authority as an Indicator of Public Image


168-170 V. Volokh Socio-Political Forecasting of Migration Risks for Russia

Our Correspondents

171-176 Kh.Tonoyan, V.  Gulyaev, D. Yakovlev, V. Tonoyan Interpretation of the Tactics of Fight in Sports Karate