Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2017 No 5

Youth of Russia – 21st Century

7-17 E. Savrutskaya, S. Ustinkin, T. Bikmetova, A. Nikitin Value Orientations of Youth in its Attitude to the System of Political Institutions of Modern Russia

18-28 O. Mosienko, V. Filonenko, A. Magranov, A. Ponedelkov Peculiarities and Contradictions of Professional Socialization of Modern Student Youth: the Results of Interregional Social Research

29-35 I. Savchenko, L. Snegireva, S. Ustinkin Transformations of Youth Religious Consciousness: Tendencies and Contradictions

35-41 D. Yakovlev, G. ShilovaModern Transformations of the Problems of Mentality and Patriotism among the Youth


42-56 O. Mitroshenkov Devolution of the West: Nature and Mechanisms

57-67 A. Chernyshov Modern State: the Last Leviathan, a Phantom or the Messiah?

Communications and Society

68-73 E. Reutov, M. Reutova Social Networks in the Real and Virtual Space of Local Communities: Crossing Borders

74-82 V. Kozachok Corporation Information Security as an Object of Social Management

Great Russian Revolution

83-90 P. Simush The Driver of the Russian Revolution of 1917: what Does it Require Today?

World Economy: New Analytics

91-97 I. Gladkov International Merchandise Trade: Trends and the Results of the 2016

98-107 A. Shestopalova BRICS in the Global Monetary System


108-116 M. Galas Problems of Political and Social Adaptation of Crimeans to Life in the Russian Federation

116-122 L. Kal’mina, A. Plekhanova Transportation Infrastructure Development Projects as a Factor of Shaping a Transboundary Trading Space of Russia/USSR – Mongolia

122-129 P. Seleznev, A. Shaposhnikov Lobbying in the Oil and Gas Sector of Modern Russia

130-136 L. Abaeva Historical and Cultural Continuity and Ethnogenetic Parallels of the Traditional Religious Views of the Mongolian People with some Buddhist Practices

136-140 V. Bazarov A Third Neighbor of Mongolia in the East Asian Space

141-148 I. Shatilo Disarmament and Prospects for the Evolution of Military Structures

148-152 Yu. Bocharov Operation «Successor» or Clean Elections?

153-155 D. Ezhov Gubernatorial Elections in 2017: Trends and Scenarios

156-157 V. Surguladze Continuity of the Problems of Russian Legal Consciousness

Political Science

158-161 L. Dzakhova, I. Gusova The Theoretical Model of the Relation of the Concepts of Strong State and Soft Power from the Perspective of the Imperious Mission of the State

162-167 V. Mikheev Government and Civil Institutions: the Problem of Trust and Distrust

168-173 M. Gusov Perspective Ways and Methods for Overcoming Marginal Condition of Modern Russian Political-Elite Groups

173-176 M. Zhelevsky Integration of Political Processes in Logico-Methodological Parallels of Paradigmal Field

176-181 S. Balabai, O. Ezhov Temporal Connotations of Political Capital

181-186 N. Kostrova Social Contradictions of the Globalizing Society

Domestic Experience

187-192 N. Babkina Formation of a System for Planning and Stimulating Enterprises in the USSR: the Experience of the Economic Reform of 1965

192-197 M. Gaditskaya, T. Samsonenko Medical Services in Everyday Life of Collective Farm Village in 1930s

198-204 A. Saran Classification of Public Organizations in the USSR in 1920–1930s

204-209 E. Solov’eva, T. Kobzeva Compensation to the Refugees during World War I

210-216 V. Litvinov Sanitary-Epidemiological Measures of the Authorities in the System of Pilgrimage of Russian Turkestan Moslems (1865–1917)

Students’ Works

217-220 A. Arutunov, Ju. Haritonova Brexit as a Phenomenon of International Politics

The Science of Science

221-223 E. Grigor’eva, V. Glukhov The RSCI Is Changing