Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2016 No 3

The Voronezh Region: All-Round View

A. Gordeev. Ensuring Effective Interaction between State Authorities and Local Self-Government of the Voronezh Region
Yu. Agibalov. Legal Regulation of Municipal Government in the Russian Federation: Practice, Problems and Directions of Improvement
V. Selyutin. Local Self-Government: Some Results of the Reforms according to Expert Assessments
R. Mel’nikova, I. Mel’nikov. Local Government Reform in the System of Democratic Transformation of Russia
S. Filiptseva. Changes in the Territorial Institutions of the Voronezh Province as a Result of Reforms of the Provisional Government
I. Risin. Quality of Innovations in Public Administration of the Regional Economy
A. Popikov. Creative Human Capital as a Factor of Development of Innovative Country’s Economy
I. Bogatyriova. Forms and Methods of Professional Activities Assessment of Municipal Employees: Current Trends and Perspectives of Improvement
N. Selyutina. The Civil Society: Perspectives and Problems of Development (on the Example of the Voronezh Region)
D. Andrusevich, A. Ivanova. Problems of Legal Regulation of Budget Process in the City District of Voronezh
D. Shcheglova. Tripartite Social Partnership: the Technology’s Potential of Societal Marketing (the Voronezh Region Case)
L. Goncharov, P. Sychev. Regional Security and the Implementation of Migration Policy in the Voronezh Region
V. Kuznetsov, M. Chursin. Evaluation of the Implementation of E-Government in the Voronezh Region
L. Alisova, I. Pryadkina. The Modern Stage of Russia’s Political Modernization
A. Kupryushin. The Processes of Globalization and “European Values” in the Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of Russia
N. Romanovich. The Attitude to Power: Trends and Contradictions
N. Polivaeva, R. Belenikin. Features of the Russian Youth as a Subject of Civil Society
S. Pepelov, A. Chernov. Interaction between authority and business in modern Russia: the beginning of  formation of the institutional foundations
A. Glukhova. The Role of Provocation in Policy
V. Zvereva, E. Belogubova. The Dialectic of State-Confessional Relations in Russia: a Historical and Cultural Aspect
V. Chernikova. Regional Political Identity: the Projection of the Voronezh Region
D. Meshcheryakov. The Ethics of Entrepreneurship as an  Istitutional Problem


A. Mikheev. Synergy of State Property Sale and Public-Private Partnership as a Solution to the Privatization Crisis
V. Babintsev, D. Davtyan. Realization of Civil Control in the System of Local Self-Government as a Technological Problem
A. Rybakov, D. Kwon. Stages of Development of Nationalism
I. Gladkov. Foreign Trade of the Russian Federation at the Present Stage: New Trends in 2015



P. Merkulov. State Family-Demographic Policy
O. Zhigulina. Key Factors and Peculiarities of the Russian Migration Policy
I. Aktamov, G. Gunzhitova. Language Ecology in the Region’s Perspective: Formulation of the Problem
V.Zhovtonozhko. A Historical Analysis of the Term "Socio-Psychological Climate" in Russian Science
K. Ryabov. Development of Personnel Capacity of Enterprises of the Agrarian and Industrial Complexes
N. Chikisheva. Assumption of Guilt in the Application of Contractual and Tort Liability
A. Nesterov. Penitentiary Adaptation Technologies for Minor Convicts in Educational PKU Colonies (UFSIN Russia)


Communications and Society

E. Krutitskaya. PR-Technology as a Tool of Social Project Management
O. Mrochko. Information Support of the Physical Education of the Students
V. Maslova, V. Matanis. The Criteria for a Psychological Influence of TV Program Components on a Viewer


Political Science

A. Mel'nikov. The Effective Model of Political Socialization of Youth
A. Niklaus. Culture Modernization Program as a Political Request of the Society



S. Chernyakhovsky, A. Niklaus. Soviet and Pre-Soviet in the Concept of the Unity of National History
G. Shevtsova. Activities of Russian Public Organizations to Assist the Population of the Occupied Serbia (1915-1916)
V. Bazarov. Mongolian-Chinese Relations in the Post-Soviet Period: Politics and Economics