Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2015 No 9



V. Belozerov, A. Soloviev Hybrid War in the Domestic Political and Scientific Discourse p. 5


P. Merkulov, E. Bakaldina, E. Malik, A. Yeliseyev Realization of the State Youth Policy in the Regions of the Russian Federationp. 12
S. Mikhailina About the Expediency of Corporate Codes p. 16
O. Posukhova Construction of a Professional Career in the Political Sphere of the Russian Society p. 21
A. Podvigailo, T. Tselyutina The Transformation of the Economic and Military-Technical Doctrines of Modern Society as the Dominant Factor in the Development of Civil Society Institutions p. 27
L. Smagina Ethno-Political Processes in Terms of Regional Development. p. 33


T. Mitrokhina Designing of Policy: the Explanatory Power of the Concept of Political Project p. 39
S. Kornienko, D. Gagarina Russian History: New Methods of Sources Study p. 46
I. Gladkov Features of Foreign Trade Links of the European Union in the 21st Century p. 53
G. Ordinarceva Features of Social and Legal Regulation of Accumulative Mortgage System of Housing Providing of the Military Personnel in Russia p. 58
Yu.Gaivoronskiy Regime Consequences of Re-Centralizaton in Russia: Evidence from the Regions p. 62
O. Zhigulina Political Aspects of Migration in South Caucasus in the Soviet Period p. 69


A. Chernyshov Political Science, Society and Government: in the Grip of the Old Stereotypes and New Challenges p. 73
L. Tsoi, D. Magdeev Conflict: Two Significant Contents of Comprehension and Interpretation p. 78
F. Sosenkov The Unity of the Russian State in the Political and Legal Views of Fyodor I. Tyutchev p. 83
V. Kulikov Zeitgeist: Ivan Ilyin and Pavel Novgorodtsev p. 86


A. Levushkin, A. Zgonnikov State Regulation of a Mutual Insurance in the Russian Federation and Administrative Corporate Relations in a Mutual Insurance Society p. 90
A. Kolyabin, T. Glukhova Problem of Integration of the Cadastral Registration System and the System of the State Registration of Estate to Real Property p. 94
V. Salakhova, R. Hayrudinova Personality of a Convict during Sentence p. 99
M. Ishkaev The Problem of Correlation of Legal Prohibitions and Allied Legal Concepts p. 103


A. Kazakov Counteractions to Negative Information Impact on the Consciousness of the Russian Youth p. 107
L. Itiuridze Innovative Forms of Dialogue between Government and Society p. 112


G. Razinskiy, V.Stegniy Students of the Prikamye: Status, Values, Behavior p. 117
G. Kosharnaya Institutional and Interpersonal Trust in the Process of Consolidation of the Russian Society p. 125


G. Shevtsova The Contribution of the Moscow Slavic Committee to the Assistance to the Balkan Slavs and Greeks, Affected by Military Actions in 1912–1913 p. 130
O. Talskaya The National Delimitation of the Central Asian Republics in the Activities of Central Asian Bureau p. 134


N. Podpryatov State Practices of the Formation of Regular Polish Military Units during the First World War p. 138
E. Nolev Contemporary Russian Historiography of Russian-Mongolian Relations: in Search of New Conceptual Models p. 144
D. Namnanov The History of the Separate Buryat-Mongolian Cavalry Brigade awarded by Red Banner p. 149
E. Zakharova Financial Status of Women’s Educational Institutions in Transbaikalia in the 1860s – early 1880s p. 154
N. Shilov Russian Statehood in Progress: Historical and Political Aspect p. 159


I. Sizova Contemporary Policy and Practice of Supporting the Employment of the Elderly People p. 162
D. Lebedev Civil Participation on the Local Level in Central and Eastern Europe p. 167


L. Abaeva Buddhism in Ethnical Buryatia: Retrospective of the Development p. 172


K. Shneider Alexandr Druzhinin, a Hardworking Esthete and a «Book Mouse» p. 177
S. Savin, E. Udenko Theoretical and Practical Significance of the Maxim M. Kovalevsky's Theory of Democratization for Political Modernization of the Russian Society p. 182
S. Ryumin The Problem of Axioms of the Power in the Philosophy of Ivan A. Ilyin p. 188


A. Krasovskiy Current Interaction of the European Union and the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad Region during Impact of Sanctions p. 191
M. Ekzekov The Spiritual Component of the System Crisis in the North Caucasus p. 195


O. Mitroshenkov What Meanings Does the Contemporary Culture Form? p. 200