Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2016 No 10 

The Main Topic

O. Yanitskiy. The G-20 summit: a sociological analysis of global issues

N. Medushevskiy. A British Exit from the EU as a Result of Crisis of the Tolerance Culture

Ts. Gavrilov. The Main Trends of Contemporary International Migration

Political Processes and Practices

V. Surguladze. Actual Problems of Forecasting in the System of State Strategic Planning

N. Mikhal'chenkova. The Evolution of Relations between State and Higher Education Systems in the XIX-XXI Centuries

E. Zimovina. Demographic Processes in Kaliningrad Region in Post-Soviet Period

Lyabakh. The Internet as a Tool for the Russian Federation State Policy Implementation

Ideas and Meanings

V. Shilov. The Fifth National Idea of Russia: Myth or Reality? Part 3

N. Asonov. Russian Identity Matrix

S. Sirazhudinova. Civil Society Concept: NPO-Isation and NPO-Cracy

E. Kudryashova, S. Marasova. Political Ideologies and Physical Researches in the First Half of the XX Century

S. Galbatsev. Competition Theory in Political Science: Ethnic Competition in the Republic of Dagestan

N. Shilov. Development of Ideology of Russian Statehood: Spiritual and Moral Aspects


L. Tsoi, O. Ivanov. Mediation and Conflictology: Methodological and Subject-Meaningful Differences.

O. Orekhov. The Prospects of Political and Legal Regulation of Lobbying Activities in Russia

O. Ovsyannikova. Monitoring of the Roadmap «Improvement of Customs Administration»

V. Bazarov. Mongolia’s Foreign Policy Course in the XXI Century


Savchenko, S. Ustinkin. Russian Orthodox Church and Ritual of Baptism in Perception of Modern Youth

A. Afonina, L. Lukicheva. Civic - State Identity of the Graduates of Russian Universities Abroad as a Factor in the Preservation of their Cultural Identity.

A. Frolova, O. Posukhova. The Narrative and Discourse of Professional Identity in the Soviet Press in 1970-1980.

D. Rudenkin. Economic Crisis as a Factor of Trust Reduction for Executive Power in Contemporary Russia: Fiction or Reality?

I. Sitnova. Modeling of Political Processes or Psychological Games in Politics


B. Bazarov, G. Khishigzhargal. Specific Features of the Military-Administrative System of Outer Mongolia in the Qing Period

A. Gombozhapov, E. Nolev. Historiography of the Collapse of the Great Mongol Empire

N. Zhukovskaya, A. Uchaev. Political Features of the Canadian Army Development during the Second World War

Domestic Experience

Kuznetsov. On the Way to Elections in the III State Duma. On the History of Bulygin Electoral Law

A. Barannikova. From “Amur Issue” to “Russian Business”. National Interests of Russia in the Far East

N. Podpriatov, A. Poperechnaya. The Process of Conscription and Recruitment of Irregular Ethnic Troops of the Russian Army in the First World War

M. Aniskin. Formation of the Soviet Film System (1920-1930)

Kh. Aidinov. The Economic Recovery of the USSR in the Postwar Period (1945-1948)

P. Merkulov, A. Saran. Trade Unions, Communist Party and the Komsomol in the 1920s-1930s.

Foreign Experience

Ni Fay, Li Xu. Orientation and Innovation: the Theory of the Rule of Law under Socialism with Chinese Characteristics from the Point of View of International Law

Focus on Politics

S. Mel’kov, A. Perndzhiev. Terrorist Threats and the “Shadow Economy”: is there a Relationship?

T. Podshibyakina. Political Diffusion in the Polyethnic Region of the Black Sea Region in the Context of Globalization

S. Repko. American Geostrategy in regard to Ukraine (1948-2016)

G. Gadzhimuradova. The Formation of Muslim Communities in Europe and the Emergence of Religious Extremism in the Conditions of Uncontrolled Migration

V. Sakhibgoryaev, S. Kotov, A. Ponedelkov. "Imaginative" Nature of the Phenomenology of the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine

S. Orlova, T. Sedova. Arab Spring: Hopes and Disappointments

Studens Wrote

Yu. Kurilina. ISIS as an Uncivilised Challenge and Russia

A. Usacheva. Marketing Technologies in the Sphere of Business and Policy Cooperation


K. Gadziev. Hybrid Wars in the Modern World