Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2015 No 5


O. Bel'kov The Great Victory and Modernity p. 5

A. Kazakov Perversion of History and Results of the Great Patriotic War as a Trend of Destructive Impact on Young Contemporary Russians p. 8

A. Mogutnov Some Results of Mass Defensive Work at South Zauralye during the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945) p. 14

A. Koshkin A Soldier of the Great Victory p. 19


S. Vorontsov, V. Belousov Possibility of Implementation of the Mobilization Type of the Development of Russia in the 21st Century p.  23


S. Voskanyan Practice of Political Management in Russia: State of Art, Problems, Scenarios of the Development p. 29

N. Ryazhapov Stages of the Local Government Transformation in Moscow p. 35

D. Tombu The Political Language of the Consumer Society p. 41


M. Podlesnaya The Orthodox Parishes in the Structure of Relations with Authorities at the Local Level. p. 45

A. Artem'ev Interaction of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ministry of Defense of Russia at Present p. 51

V. Mitypov Buddhist Church in Conditions of Transformation of Russian Society (Late 1980s – Early 1990s) p. 55


G. Kovalenko, L. Markelova Space of Spiritual and Moral Education in the Russian Federation p. 59

A. Karpova, N. Meshcheriakova Intelligentsia and Power .p. 64

E. Koshcheev Two Rationalities for One World p.  73

V. Nemirovskiy, K. Safronov Frame of Life and Frame of Death in Mass Consciousness of Regional Political Elite p. 77

K. Dallakyan Ethnic Nation and Ethno- Political Myth p. 80


G. Avanesova, E. Ivanova National Genesis of the Russians and the Ukrainians as Factors of Development of Different Types of Statehood in the 20th – early 21st Centuries p. 85

V. Esenova The Development of the Financial and Credit Relations in Russia and China p. 92

M. Gorbachev Political Projects of Civilizational Level in Political Rhetoric of Dmitry A. Medvedev: Imperatives of the Regional and Global Security p. 100

N. Vyatkina Success Factors and Ideal Types of Russian Middle Level Managers p. 104

G. Peshherov Social and Psychological Characteristics of Life in a Foreign Country p. 108

A. Mamaev Problems of Attracting Investments in the Economy of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic p. 111

A. Egorov Aesthetic Education of Young Female Football Players p. 115

A. Raskhodchikov Current Models and Technologies of Interaction between Authorities, Government and Population in the Internet Environment p. 118


I. Savchenko Civil Society in the Discourse Dimension p. 122

S. Paramonova Latent Conflicts in the Assessment of the Socio-Political Situation p. 126

E. Reutov, M. Reutova, I. Shavyrina The Potential of Public Participation in the Context of Social Solidarity p. 131


D. Osipov, V. Bolshakova The Concept of State Control, State Surveillance and Total Control over the Individual p. 136


A. Plekhanova, A. Tikhonov State Housing Policy in the Towns of Buryatia in the 1960s – 1970s: Specific Features and Outcomes p. 141

T. Samsonenko Formation and Development of the Rural Health Care System in the USSR in the 1930s p. 146

T. Pankova-Kozochkina Formation of Village Councils as Local Authorities in Southern Russia in early 1920s. p. 151

S. Baghdasaryan Adaptation of the Population of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Post-War Devastation (1920–1921) p. 157

L. Kal'mina, A. Plekhanova The Mongolian Factor in Russian/Soviet State Economic Strategy in Transbaikal Region (1910s–1920s) p. 161

R. Gal'perin Political Defense and Law Processes in Saratov Province in the Beginning of the 20th century p. 166


M. Kukartseva, E. Kolomoets, E. Ryabov Method of Distribution of Votes in the EU Authorities as a Problem of European Integration p. 172


Yu. Vasiliev From Bildung to Wissenschaft: Heidelberg Historical School p. 179

Erdenebat Danzangiin The System and Symbolism of Power in Mongolian Empire p. 184


Yu. Andreev Russian Gas and Turkish Stream p. 188

A. Zuev Perspectives of Afghanistan Development after Withdrawal of American Military Forces p. 191

G. Kalai Geopolitical Processes on the North Caucasus and Their Influence on the Ethno- Political Situation in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic p. 194


S. Mel`kov Russian Way to Freedom: a History of the Problem p. 198

T. Kashchenko Interview with Antonia Machingova, the author of the book on healthy diet p. 200