Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2016 No 11 

The Main Topic


A.Tkachenko The Impact of Demographic Reproduction Differences on Economic Integration of the Eurasian Economic Union Countries

Political Processes and Practices


N. Chuvilina Parliamentary Elections of Autumn 2016 as an Indicator of the Current Status of the Russian Party System


P. Merkulov Features of Formation of Administrative and Political Elite in the Conditions of the Russian Society Transformation

O. Molodov The Problems of Development of Civil Society Institutions in the Vologda Region

V. Salakhova, N. Enyashina, A. Romanova Problem of Deviant Behavior in the Modern Society

Communications and Society


E. Dugin Information and Communication Media Systems of Regions in "The Strategy of Spatial Development of Russia"

A. Oleshkova Power Relations Representation in Contemporary Society

M. Vasil’eva Networking Information Technologies, Outlook for Foreign Policy

N. Kleshchina Transformation of the Russian Language and Speech in Terms of the Network Society


К. Sulimov, N. Borisova, L. Borodina Strategic Guidelines and Missions of the Modern Universities in the Mirror of their Organizational Structure

N. Mikhal’chenkova The German University in the Context of Authoritarianism and Totalitarianism

V. Surguladze Activity Concept of the Nation in the Context of the State Strategic Planning

V. Bolshakova, I. Gluhih Historical and Legal Aspects of Creation of State Institutions for Extremism Prevention in the Russian Federation

A. Paltsev The Problems of Axiological Value of Betrayal in the Transitive Society

A. Oshchepkov, V. Salakhova, A. Romanova Towards the Problem of Value-Motivational Personality Sphere of Contemporary Youth Prone to Deviant Behavior

A. Nesterov Theoretical and Methodological Legal Basis of Social Security of Minors-Convicts, Located in Confinement

Ideas and Meanings

I. Savchenko, S. Ustinkin, N. Ageeva Expansion of Capitalism and Cultural Violence in Weberian Interpretations

Sh. Alibegilov The Concept of Political Identity in the Context of Russia’s Civilization Identity

N. Medushevskiy About the Study of National Consciousness of the Resident of United Europe

O. Ershova, S. Marasova Conventionality of the Social Image of Science and Ideology of Society

N. Dergunova, A. Afonina Opportunities and Challenges of Reproduction of Cultural and Civil- State Identity of the Russian-Speaking Youth in Turkmenistan

Religion, Society, State

L. Abaeva The Institute of Reincarnation (Hubilgan) in Buddhist Tradition of the Mongolian Peoples

D. Zhamsueva Datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha" in the Cultural Space of the Republic of Buryatia


A. Tarasova, E. Andrianova Innovation Activity and Intra-Trust: the Problem of Relationship

O. Posukhova, A. Serikov Implementation of the American Experience of Regulation of Interethnic Relations in the Context of International Concord among the Youth of the South of Russia

E. Nikolayuk Value Structure of the Russian Youth and its Vital Behavior at Modern Stage


A. Uchaev To the Question of Relations between Canadian Troops and Civilians of Great Britain during 1939–1944

L. Kuras, B. Tcybenov New Information about Intelligence Activities of Japan and the USSR in Mongolia and Hulunbuir during the Second World War

B. Bazarov, G. Khishigzhargal Legal Foundations of the Administration System of the Outer Mongolia in the Period of Manchu Domination (XVII – early XX Centuries)

Domestic Experience

N. Sarantsev, V. Sarantsev The Nizhnyaya Volga Region: Political Intrigues and Budget Costs (20 - 30 Years of the XX Century)

I. Borkun, V. Solov’ev Food Policy of the State at the Stage of NEP Clotting: the Value of Economic and Political Factors

V. Rakachev Immigration Policy in the USSR in the Early Postwar Decade and its Implementation in Kuban and Stavropol

V. Gugnyak Foreign Trade of the USSR in 50-60 Years of the XX Century

A. Artemkin University problem: political aspects of university statute formation


Sh. Sharipov Systematics of Energy Geopolitics of Partnership

V. Bazarov, Yu. Grigor’eva East Asian Cooperation in the Mongolian Contact Zone in the XXI Century

Sh. Ajeed Geopolitical Model of Influence of Islamic Factor on the Political Process in the Middle East

Focus on Politics

M. Zuboreva “Potter Box” and Special Features of the German Making Decisions Process in terms of the Migration Crisis


N. Asonov N.M. Karamzin and his Contribution to the Conservative Renewal of Russia

We are Informed

K. Kosogova Actual Problems of Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation