Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2015 No 10



A. Dakhin Regional Stratification of a Society: Global and Local in Culture, Economics, and Politics, part 1 p. 5
A. Vasil’ev, V. Soloviev Specific Features of the Development of Managerial Tools at Local Level within Russian Historical and Cultural Space p. 16
Yu. Dorozhkin, I. Frolova, L. Gazizova, N. Evdokimov Municipal Power in Russian Regions at Present: Conflictogenic Potential of Development p. 21
P. Merkulov, E. Malik, E. Bakaldina, A. Yeliseyev The State Youth Policy in Modern Russia: Integrational Tools p. 27
B. Zhigalyov, S. Ustinkin Linguistic Security as a Factor of Ensuring the Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation p. 32


I. Kiselev, A. Smirnova, K. Hrabrova The Consequences of Foreign Policy as a Factor of Leader’s Domestic Policy Losses p. 42
S. Rastorguev, V. Khalizova Public-Private Partnership in the Modern Russia: Win-Win or Zero-Sum Game? p. 50
V. Tian Transformation of the Ethnic Policy of Authorities in the Post-Soviet Countries: Forms, Trends, and Dynamics p. 55
S. Kitaev Definition of the Foundation of Russian Social Policy in the Modern Period p. 64
O. Gar'kavchenko Direct Democracy as a Form of the Local Government Implementation p. 70


K. Cherkasov, D. Zakharevich An Assessment of the Openness of Government in Russia: the Federal and Regional Dimension p.  75
O. Tsvetkova Political and Legal Problems of Border Regions p. 83
A. Krasovskiy The Directions of Improvement of Cooperation between Russia and the European Union in the Kaliningrad Region p. 89
P. Razov Risks in the Area of Healthcare of the Retired from Military Service and Members of Their Families in the Context of Social Adaptation p. 92
E. Kudelina Social and Cultural Importance of the Theatre and Theatre Festivals p. 96
A. Kolesnikova The Ideological Aspects of Centralization and Decentralization Processes in Multiompound States p. 100
I. Shkrobtak Fundamental Aspects of British Armed Forces Development in the Modern Period p. 105
D. Pashayev National and State Traditions and Innovations of Ethno-Political System in the Republic of Dagestan p. 109


G. Kamenskaya World without Modernity p. 115
N. Baranetz, A. Verevkin, A. Gorshkova Ideology and Memory of the Scientific Community p. 119
A. Verevkin, N. Baranetz, Yu. Khimin The Influence of the Media and Cinema on Cultural Memory of the Russian Scientific Community p. 123
V. Dubrovin Patriotism: Prospects of Influence in the Russian Society p. 128


V. Salakhova, E. Agadzhanova Humanization of Punishment in the Form of Rights of Convicts to Higher Professional Education p. 133
N. Veretennikov Court-Martial: a View Through the Prism of Time p. 138
P. Artemova The Meaning of the Latest Amendments to the Russian Civil Code p. 143


I. Tsyrempilova Transformation of the Church Administrative Management in 1917–1930s p. 146
S-H. Nunuev Risks of Religious Extremism in the Political and Confessional Processes p. 151
N. Filin The Shiite Oppositional Clergy and the Protest Movement in Iran p. 156


M. Nazarov Factors of Conflict Participation in the Area of Inter-Ethnic Relations p. 159
G. Kosharnaya, S. Barsukova Dynamics of Cultural Moral Values in the Context of Modernization of Russian Society p. 166
A. Salmina Social Attitudes of the Population towards the Social Role of the State in Russia and Germany p. 171
M. Blokhina, L. Grigor’ev Social Well-being of Students in Tver: an Attempt of Sociological Research p. 182


V. Kopylov, D. Padurin The Development of Shooting Training of Soldiers in the Russian Army in the 16th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries: Historical and Pedagogical Analysis p. 188
T. Kobzeva The Dynamics of Revenues and Expenses of District Councils in the Middle Volga Region in the Second Half of the 19th – early 20th Century p. 193
V. Bashkuev Wakening the «Buddhist Orient»: Health Improvement and Sanitary Education Campaigns in Buryatia and Mongolia in 1920s – 1970s p. 198


V. Yudin Cultural Genocide of Indigenous People in Canada: Truth, Reconciliation and Unanswered Questions p. 204
Ya. Vorozheina, I. Maksimov, I. Tarasov Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Baltic States in the Political Discourse of Germany p. 208


B. Bazarov, M. Baldano, D. Badaraev Co-relation of Migratory Vectors and Nomadizm in the Modern Mongolian Society p. 213
E. Vasilyuk Russia-Japan Cooperation in Managing Global Problems and Security Issues in Asia-Pacific Region p. 218
V. Bazarov, A. Gomboev «Asian Tigers» in the Foreign Policy of Mongolia p. 224


L. Kuras Mongolia: from Khalkhin Gol to USS Missouri p. 228


S. Ustinkin, E. Rudakova Report on the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Harmonisation of the Inter- Ethnic Relations in Global Society» p. 234


A. Lapshin Truth of History Is on Our Side p. 237