Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

   Power 2017 No 4

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

A. Shokhin The Results of the 10th Russian Business Week 7-15

The Main Topic

A. Lapshin About New Populism and Globalization (Several Comments) 16-18

N. Gribin American Intelligence Looks in to the Future 19-38

O. Yanitskii Global Trends and New Challenges 38-43

I. Radikov Political Fear as a Phenomenon in Contemporary Politics 43-49


A. Prokhorova The Role of "Business Twenty" Summits in the Interaction of the Business Community and the Authority at the Global Level. 50-57

I. Savchenko, L. Snegireva, S. Ustinkin The Phenomenon of Ethnic Radicalism in Estimations of Foreign Experts 58-61

I. Vasil’ev Political Contours of the External Factors of Russia’s National Security 62-66

E. idynbekov Migration Policy: the Practice of Resettlement of Compatriots 67-71

D. Sorokin Turkish Stream as the Element of the Political Crisis in Macedonia 71-76

Communications and Society

M. Gasanova Development of a Network Approach in Political Science 77-80

A. Raskhodchikov Citizens Network Reaction to Large-Scale Town-Planning Projects as Display of Specific Forms of Civil Subjectivity 81-86

N.Tsvetkova, A. Sytnik Information Technologies in the Realities of the Political Crisis: from "Euromaidan" Network Project to Creationof the Strategic Communication in Ukraine in 2013-2016 86-91

Great Russian Revolution

K. Pod’yachev To the Question of the Refinement of the Experience of 1917 in the Context of Institutional and Value Transformations of the Russian Society 92-98

Political Science

O. Ivanov Conflictological Approach to the Actual Typology of Political Regimes 99-109

D. Grigoryan Dynamics of Development of the Leader in Hierarchical System of Power Distribution: Russian Option 109-114

V. Surguladze Mobilization Potential of a Common Cause 115-116

A. Konchugov Social Security and Social Protection: Questions of Theory and Practice 117-122

Domestic Experience

O. Orlinskaya, S. Gahramanov Orthodox Business: the Issue on the Political Platform and the Relationships with the Government 123-127

O. Rezanenko “Inhuman Living Conditions” of Foreign Specialists and Workers at Stalingrad Plant Facilities in the Late 1920s-1930s 127-131

O. Zalesskaya, I. Aktamov Chinese Migrants in the Gold Mining Industry Development in the Territory of the Far Eastern Region in the 1920s- 1930s 131-137

I. Mustafin Expenditures of County-Level Cities on the Content of State-Administrative Structures in the 70-80-ies of the XIX Century 138-143

S. Kuras Labor Discipline in the System of the Main Prison Administration in Pre-Revolutionary Russia (the Second Half of the XIX Century) 144-149


N. Khanaliev Kurdish Issue: a Historical Excursion 150-154

V. Tsyrempilova Autonomous Region Inner Mongolia at the End of the 70s – the Beginning of the 90s of XX Century in Official Chinese Press 155-159

Focus on Politics

E. Morozova, A. Falina Brexit as a New Reality of Europe: Expert Opinions and Evaluations 160-170

A. Kobel’kov Policy Towards Turkey in Programs of German Parliamentary Parties 170-174

S. Klepikov On the Question of the Strategic Alliance between the Russian Federation and Islamic Republic of Iran (2017) 174-178


V. Volokh, V. Suvorova Current Trends in Russian Policy 179-183


O. Zhukova Historiosophical Concepts of M.V. Lomonosov 184-188

D. Zemlyakov The Phenomenon of Russian Civilization in Modern Russia 188-192