Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2019 No 6



Has the World Moved towards Universal Social Protection: the ILO Centenary Alexander Alexandrovich Tkachenko P.9-20


Factors, Resources, Strategies of Intensive Economic Growth of Modern Russia: Political Analysis Sergei Viktorovich Rastorguev P.21-29

Mobility in the Higher Education System as a Factor of Soft Power of the Russian Federation: Ways of Improvement Aleksandr Borisovich Shatilov, Viktor Valer’evich Zaugarov P.30-34

Strategy of the Russian Regions’ Development: Reality Ol’ga Vladimirovna Aksenova P.35-41

Key Problems of the Region: Methods for Determining the Public Agenda Lyudmila Efimovna Il'icheva, Andrei Viktorovich Lapin, Il’ya Vladimirovich Nozhechkin P.41-57

Practices of Interaction of Regional Structures of Civil Society with Bodies of State and Municipal Authority Valentin Ivanovich Selyutin, Elena Sergeevna Snigireva P.58-62

Development Policy in the Perception of Social Actors in the Region Kirill Viktorovich Pod'yachev P.63-69

Analytical Model of Factors of Adaptation and Integration of Migrants in the Regions of Russia Maria Viktorovna Voronova, Victor Vasil'evich Voronov P.69-76

About the Reasons of the Perception of Local Authorities as the Most Bribable Power and Public Institutions of Contemporary Russia Roman Vladimirovich Petukhov P.77-86

Social Pollution of the Urban Environment as a Factor of Its Degradation Viktor Ivanovich Filonenko, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Shtompel', Oleg Mikhaylovich Shtompel' P.87-96

The Nature and Conflict Strategies of Urban Communities in a Virtualized Political Space Aleksandr Vladimirovich Sokolov, Denis Evgen’evich Palatnikov P.97-102

Small Towns of Russia: Expert Dimension of State Policy Valeriy Vasil'evich Markin, Victor Vasil'evich Voronov P.103-108


Current Globalization: the New Trends Oleg Nikolaevich Yanitsky P.109-115

Social Effects of Joint Consumption (Sharing Economy): Network Economic and Political CommunitiesSergei Yur'evich Belokonev, Anzor Al'bertovich Khokonov, Murat Zamirovich Shogenov P.115-123

Global Experience and Prospects of Legalization of Lobbying in Russia Vladimir Nikolaevich Lyaporov P.123-128

Facts of the Era as Socio-Political Codes of Modern Media Discourse Anna Sergeevna Zotova P.128-131

The Phenomenon of Virtual Reality and the Practice of Its Design Liliya Vyacheslavovna Ryazanova, Maksim Sergeevich Vasil'ev P.132-136


Intercultural Communication Training: Methodological Basis and Tools Natalia Anatol’evna Orekhovskaya P.137-143

Relations between Government and Business of Russia under the Sanctions of the Authorized Pressure of Western Countries Ekaterina Sergeevna Abradova P.144-148

Transformation of Entrepreneurship in Russia in the Context of Formation and Evolution of Professional Dynasties Dmitriy Petrovich Isaev P.148-156

Environmental Protests: Reconstruction of the Problem Field Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Ezhov P.157-160

Tendentiousness in Interethnic Communications: Mechanisms of Formation and Expansion, Approaches to Correction Andrei Yakovlevich Bolshunov, Aleksandr Georgievich Tyurikov, Sofia Andreevna Bolshunova P.160-166

All-Russian People’s Front in the Republic of Buryatia: Civil Society Participation in the Realization of the State Policy Ivan Viktorovich Anisimov, Evgeniy Vladimirovich Nolev P.167-172

Migration Processes and Demographic Resource of Dagestan: Trends and Municipal Features Aslanbek Zalimkhanovich Adiev, Eliza Kamchybekovna Biyzhanova P.172-178

The Mechanism of the Influence of Internal Migration on the Regional Political Process in Dagestan Abas Abdulahovich Abdullaev P.178-186


Why the «Sacred Baikal» Is Not Purificated? Igor' Valentinovich Gurlev P.187-195

Features of the Third Generation Universities during the Development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Anatoliy Sergeevich Kislyakov, Artyom Dmitrievich Ishchenko P.196-201

Features of Research of Socio-Psychological Adaptation of Employees on the Example of a Jewellery Company Nadezhda Petrovna Rodinova, Roman Viktorovich Ashchaulov P.201-205

Perfect Portrait of the Head of the Educational Complex Ekaterina Mikhailovna Barishovets P.206-209


On the Phenomenon of Political Correctness in the Context of the Crisis of Liberalism Kamaludin Serazhudinovich Gadzhiev P.210-215

City Policy: a Critical Analysis of Theoretical Approaches Andrei Vasil'evich Dakhin, Elizaveta Igorevna Solonchenko P.216-224

Historical Memory as a Factor of National Security Elizaveta Petrovna Savrutskaya, Sergei Vasil’evich Ustinkin P.225-231

Conceptualization of Public Services and Public Administration Yulia Mikhailovna Bolshakova P.232-237


The Influence of the Quality of the Audiovisual Environment of the City on the Formation of Values of Young People. Part 1 Aleksei Sergeevich Magranov, Dar'ya Andreevna Korshunova P.238-243

Between Severity and Inevitability: Anti-Corruption in Understanding of Various Population Groups Irina Aleksandrovna Savchenko, Lyudmila Anatol’evna Snegireva, Sergei Vasil’evich Ustinkin P.244-250

Comparative Sociological Analysis of Cultural and Political Preferences of Students of Russia and Belarus Zuhra Kadimovna Selivanova, Aleksei Borisovich Rodin P.251-256


National Policy of Russia in the Field of Engineering Education: Concept, Essence, Content Mariya Vladimirovna Dobrynina, Tat'yana Vladimirovna Rastimeshina P.257-265

The Role of Public Discussion in the Preparation of the University Reform of the 1860s Svetlana Valer’evna Balabai, Aleksander Nikolaevich Donin, Boris Semenovich Klement'ev P.266-273

«We, the Labors, still are Manure as we Used to Be»: Political Sentiments in Stalingrad in the End of 1920s Taisiya Vasil'evna Yudina P.273-276

About the Earliest Document Containing Data on A. D. Menshikov's Father Aleksandr Yakimovich Degtyarev, Aleksandr Sergeevich Lavrov P.277-281


State and Public Mechanisms for the Implementation of the Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection Policy in Scotland Evgeniy Anatol'evich Turin, Elena Nikolaevna Savinova, Aleksandr Sergeevich Pozhidaev P.282-290

About Additional Professional Education in Foreign Territorial Systems of Law Enforcement Agencies: Sociological Analysis Victor Vasil'evich Voronov, Mikhail Vladimirovich Shulepin P.291-297

The Main Aspects of the Migration Policy of Sweden and Finland Gyulnara Il'yasbekovna Gadzhimuradova P.298-302

Strategic Partnership in Mongolia's Foreign Policy Victor Borisovich Bazarov P.302-308


On the Prospects of Political Unity of the Gulf Monarchies Nuradin Umarpashaevich Khanaliyev P.309-317

Mechanisms of Counteraction to Technologies of Destabilization of the Political Regime in Modern Russia on the Example of the Arab Spring Svetlana Viktorovna Orlova P.317-320