Institute of Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2018 No 06 



On the Demonization of the Enemy in Foreign Policy Strategy of the US Kamaludin Serazhudinovich Gadzhiev 7-16

Foreign Policy and National Security Issues in the Modern World Georgii Ivanovich Peshcherov 17-19 


Locality of Social Tension in Russia Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin, Pavel Ivanovich Kukonkov, Natal'ya Mikhailovna Morozova 20-28

Social Inequality in the Russian Society: Character and Features of Perception Evgenii Viktorovich Reutov, Viktor Mikhailovich Zakharov, Marina Nikolaevna Reutova 28-34

On the Question of the Institutional Foundations of Public Innovation Policy in Modern Russia Dmitrii Yur'evich Znamenskii, Anzhelika Nikolaevna Gusarova 35-43 

Vocational Guidance of Talented Youth as One of the Elements of Effective State Educational Policy Mariya Borisovna Ponyavina 44-47

Union of Municipalities: Pro et Contra Vladimir Viktorovich Shilov 47-54


Information-Critical Elements of the Political Structure as Objects of Manipulation through the Internet Viktor Vladimirovich Borshchenko, Igor' Mikhailovich Levkin 55-61

Computer and Internet Technologies in the Lives of Older People: Opportunities and Risks Marina Valer'evna Kornilova 62-69 

Theoretical Bases of Research of Information Wars and Information Security of the State Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Nezhel'skii 70-74


Prospects of the Mediation Institute in the Arrangement of Urban Conflicts in Russia Oleg Borisovich Ivanov, Yuliya Igorevna Il'inskaya 75-83

Political and Legal Regulation of Transboundary Cooperation: Basic Concepts and General Principles Ol'ga Yur'evna Dubrovina 84-89

Stages and Strategies for Forming the Internal Image of an Organization Ruzanna Ambartsumovna Depelyan 90-95

Penitentiary Resocialization of Minor Convicted: Basic Concepts, Regularities and Legal Framework (Questions of Theory and Practice) Artem Yur'evich Nesterov 96-103


About Perspectives of Policy for Forming and Strengthening Russian Identity Anatolii Valer'evich Rudakov, Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin 104-110

From State Service to the Institute of Public Services: to the Sociology of Modern Public Management Yuliya Mikhailovna Bol'shakova 111-117

The Growth of Influence of Ordinary Consciousness on the Political Behavior of the Russians Svetlana Valer'evna Balabai, El'mira Faritovna Abubikerova 117-122

Spatial and Mythological Categories of Dzhambudvipa in the Political, Social and the Soteriological Aspirations of the Mongolian People Lyubov' Lubsanovna Abaeva 122-127

The Buryat Religious-Didactic Work «Mirror of Wisdom» in Terms of Conflictology Chingis Tsybikdorzhievich Tsyrenov 128-133


Value Foundations of Interreligious Consent of Orthodox Christians and Muslims of Russia Igor' Mikhailovich Kuznetsov 134-144


Social Partnership of the Towns and Villages on the Example of Organizations of Oil and Gas Complex of the Saratov Region in the 1970s–1980s Roman Viktorovich Gribov 145-150

The Volga United River Shipping Company: History of Creation (1945–1954) Aleksei Alekseevich Khalin, Dmitrii Borisovich Pedanov 150-156

Problems of the Soviet System of Public Education in Rural Areas in the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Republic Bayarma Babasanovna Tsyretarova 156-162 

The Organization and Activity of Native Militia in Russian Turkestan Ivan Vasil'evich Volkov 162-168


«Singapore Miracle» in the Focus of Political Analysis: The Temptation and Disappointment in Asian Hi-Tech Utopia Irina Alekseevna Vasilenko 169-175


The Participation of Russian Athletes in the Olympic Games 2018: the Political Dimension Kirill Sergeevich Bastrakov, Natal'ya Nikolaevna Ustyukhova, Gennadii Aleksandrovich Timofeev 176-178

Papal Easter Address 2018: the Holy See’s Foreign Policy Priorities from the Perspective of Russian Diplomacy Ekaterina Olegovna Shebalina 179-182 


Principles of Unorthodox Marxism Sergei Feliksovich Chernyakhovskii 183-187

The Doctrine of Marx as a Guide for Action Nikolai Vasil'evich Asonov 187-191


Who Is a Young Political Scientist? Anton Georgievich Arutyunov, Yuliya Aleksandrovna Kharitonova, Murad Damirovich Khasanov 192-196


Capital Work on Ethnoconfessional History Aleksandr Yakimovich Degtyarev, Yurii Vladimirovich Krivosheev 197-198