Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2018 No 06 



On the Demonization of the Enemy in Foreign Policy Strategy of the US Kamaludin Serazhudinovich Gadzhiev 7-16

Foreign Policy and National Security Issues in the Modern World Georgii Ivanovich Peshcherov 17-19 


Locality of Social Tension in Russia Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin, Pavel Ivanovich Kukonkov, Natal'ya Mikhailovna Morozova 20-28

Social Inequality in the Russian Society: Character and Features of Perception Evgenii Viktorovich Reutov, Viktor Mikhailovich Zakharov, Marina Nikolaevna Reutova 28-34

On the Question of the Institutional Foundations of Public Innovation Policy in Modern Russia Dmitrii Yur'evich Znamenskii, Anzhelika Nikolaevna Gusarova 35-43 

Vocational Guidance of Talented Youth as One of the Elements of Effective State Educational Policy Mariya Borisovna Ponyavina 44-47

Union of Municipalities: Pro et Contra Vladimir Viktorovich Shilov 47-54


Information-Critical Elements of the Political Structure as Objects of Manipulation through the Internet Viktor Vladimirovich Borshchenko, Igor' Mikhailovich Levkin 55-61

Computer and Internet Technologies in the Lives of Older People: Opportunities and Risks Marina Valer'evna Kornilova 62-69 

Theoretical Bases of Research of Information Wars and Information Security of the State Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Nezhel'skii 70-74


Prospects of the Mediation Institute in the Arrangement of Urban Conflicts in Russia Oleg Borisovich Ivanov, Yuliya Igorevna Il'inskaya 75-83

Political and Legal Regulation of Transboundary Cooperation: Basic Concepts and General Principles Ol'ga Yur'evna Dubrovina 84-89

Stages and Strategies for Forming the Internal Image of an Organization Ruzanna Ambartsumovna Depelyan 90-95

Penitentiary Resocialization of Minor Convicted: Basic Concepts, Regularities and Legal Framework (Questions of Theory and Practice) Artem Yur'evich Nesterov 96-103


About Perspectives of Policy for Forming and Strengthening Russian Identity Anatolii Valer'evich Rudakov, Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin 104-110

From State Service to the Institute of Public Services: to the Sociology of Modern Public Management Yuliya Mikhailovna Bol'shakova 111-117

The Growth of Influence of Ordinary Consciousness on the Political Behavior of the Russians Svetlana Valer'evna Balabai, El'mira Faritovna Abubikerova 117-122

Spatial and Mythological Categories of Dzhambudvipa in the Political, Social and the Soteriological Aspirations of the Mongolian People Lyubov' Lubsanovna Abaeva 122-127

The Buryat Religious-Didactic Work «Mirror of Wisdom» in Terms of Conflictology Chingis Tsybikdorzhievich Tsyrenov 128-133


Value Foundations of Interreligious Consent of Orthodox Christians and Muslims of Russia Igor' Mikhailovich Kuznetsov 134-144


Social Partnership of the Towns and Villages on the Example of Organizations of Oil and Gas Complex of the Saratov Region in the 1970s–1980s Roman Viktorovich Gribov 145-150

The Volga United River Shipping Company: History of Creation (1945–1954) Aleksei Alekseevich Khalin, Dmitrii Borisovich Pedanov 150-156

Problems of the Soviet System of Public Education in Rural Areas in the Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Republic Bayarma Babasanovna Tsyretarova 156-162 

The Organization and Activity of Native Militia in Russian Turkestan Ivan Vasil'evich Volkov 162-168


«Singapore Miracle» in the Focus of Political Analysis: The Temptation and Disappointment in Asian Hi-Tech Utopia Irina Alekseevna Vasilenko 169-175


The Participation of Russian Athletes in the Olympic Games 2018: the Political Dimension Kirill Sergeevich Bastrakov, Natal'ya Nikolaevna Ustyukhova, Gennadii Aleksandrovich Timofeev 176-178

Papal Easter Address 2018: the Holy See’s Foreign Policy Priorities from the Perspective of Russian Diplomacy Ekaterina Olegovna Shebalina 179-182 


Principles of Unorthodox Marxism Sergei Feliksovich Chernyakhovskii 183-187

The Doctrine of Marx as a Guide for Action Nikolai Vasil'evich Asonov 187-191


Who Is a Young Political Scientist? Anton Georgievich Arutyunov, Yuliya Aleksandrovna Kharitonova, Murad Damirovich Khasanov 192-196


Capital Work on Ethnoconfessional History Aleksandr Yakimovich Degtyarev, Yurii Vladimirovich Krivosheev 197-198