Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2017 No 8

The Main Topic

7 A. Lapshin About the Figure and Word

10 A. Kochetkov The Influence of Transnational Elites on the Global Political Process

18 O. Yanitskii Wastes as a Geopolitical Risk

24 V. Lyublinskiy The Welfare State: a Difficult Adaptation to the Changing World Order

33 A. ZhvitiaShvili The Modern Redistributive Institutions: Western Experience

40 P. Kasatkin Globalization of Culture: Problems and Prospects

49 A. Yefanov The Impact of Digitalization on the Destruction of the Regional Television Institute

54 M. Shibkova Factors of Russia’s Image Attraction for Eurosceptic Political Forces

59 D. Khokhlova How Metamodern Led to Political Satire and New Populism


64 O. Mitroshenkov Theory of “Managed Chaos”: Use for Your Advantages

Political Processes and Practices

74 P. Popov, V. Saraev, A.Tcherenev, D. Gales The Results of the Elections in the State Duma in 2016 and the Prospects for Regional Support of the Candidates from the Main Political Parties in the Presidential Elections of 2018

83 E. Maikova, E. Simonova Competitive Model of Election of the Head of Local Self-Government in the Modern Russian Municipal Practice: Advantages and Shortcomings

90 A. Tokarev The Practice of Interrelation of Political Institutes and Ecological Movement in Russia

95 P. Fel'dman, N. Horhordina Russian Model of Democratic Control: the Current State and Prospects of Evolution


100 T. Zhigitova, Yu. Khairullina Pension System of Russia in Modern Conditions: Problems, Challenges, Search of Decisions

105 R. Akhmetianova, R. Imilbaeva Quality of Outpatient Medical Care in Subjective Estimates of the Population

Great Russian Revolution

111 G. Alekseev The October Revolution in the Context of Russia's Recent History

Religion, Society, State

115 M. Bogachev The Orthodox doesn’t Mean Progovernment: the Reasons of Divergence in the Party Preferences of Orthodox Believers

122 E. Palamarenko On the Appropriateness of Using the Concept of "Orthodox Business"

World Economy: New Analytics

126 A. Lapshova Transatlantic Investment Cooperation

129 R. Zhdanoskikh Current Conjunction in Export of Russian Liquefied Gas on the Basis of Innovative Technologies


132 V. Dugarov, Ch. Namzhilova Relationships of Russia and Mongolia at the Turn of XX-XXI Centuries: Main Directions and Tendencies of Development

137 V. Bazarov, A. Atanov Euroasian Central Asian logistics Projects of the XXI Century


143 O. Posukhova, A. Serikov Russian National Policy in Assessment and Perception of South-Russian Region Population

151 E. Shchanina The Need for Elderly People in the Labor Sphere in the Modern Social and Economic Conditions


156 A. Saran The Regional Public Authority and the Proto-Organization in the USSR of 1920-1930s

160 L. Kuras, L. Kal’mina “Witte System”: the Russian-Chinese Bank and Kyakhta Merchantry (Late 19th- Early 20 th Centuries)


166 N. Medushevskiy, M. Gordeeva Social Tolerance: Review of the Western English-Language Literature

Foreign Experience

174 B. Kabylinskii Political Culture and Social Conflict in North Korea: Songun War Doctrine. Part 2

178 E. Tyurin Influence of the British Imperial Statehood on the Scottish National Identity: to the Question of Independence of Scotland

Students Write

183 N. Zhukov New Populism and Trump's Victory

186 N. Belugina The Goals of Public Associations as a Factor of Interest Formation of the Strata

Focus on Politics

191 D. Bdoyan Current Problems of the Russian-Turkish Relations


196 V. Logvinov Peculiarities of the National Management


204 A. Degtyarev, P. Artemova Russian Language Studies and “Soft Power” of Modern Russia.

Our Correspondents


206 E. Kudelina New Tendencies in Modern Cinema