Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2019 No 2



On the Humanistic Active Function of the Social State in Russia Nikolai Ivanovich Lapin P.9-17

Evolution of Russian Parties and Expectations of Society Polina Mikhailovna Kozyreva, Aleksandr Il'ich Smirnov P.17-27

Trade Unions in the System of Public Control over the Implementation of the May Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Yakovlevich Fel'dman P.28-31

Prospects for Labor Migration from Developing Countries to Russia: Socio-Cultural and Political-Economic Aspects Sergei Yur'evich Belokonev, Zaira Romanovna Usmanova P.31-37

Dialectics of Securitization and Liberalization in the Migration Policy of Russia Konstantin Valer'evich Arshin P.38-42

Areal of Social and Economic Retention and Protest Electoral Behavior in the East of the Russian Federation Petr Leonidovich Popov Aleksei Anatol'evich Cherenev Vladimir Grigor'evich Saraev Dmitrii Anatol'evich Gales P.43-51


Media Communications in the Digital Development of Russia Evgenii Yakovlevich Dugin P.52-56

Smart City: Managerial Aspects and Competencies of Smart-City Manager Stanislav Germanovich Eremeev P.57-62

Experience of the Moscow Government in Application of Smart Technologies for Urban Management Modernization Ekaterina Vladimirovna Mikhailova P.62-65

The Ecology of Language in the Context of Modern Globalization Processes Svetlana Konstantinovna Bondyreva Elizaveta Petrovna Savrutskaya Sergei Vasil'evich Ustinkin P.66-73

Artificial Intelligence and Technocratic Mentality Arkadii Olegovich Lapshin P.74-76

Artificial Intelligence as the New Religion and Ideology of Digital Data Aleksei Gennadievich Chernyshov P.76-83

The Main Trends in the Development of Political and Legal Regulation of Russian Internet Space in 2018 Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pivovarov P.83-87


International Commodity Trade in 2018: Changes in the Leading Group (Successes and Failures) Igor' Sergeevich Gladkov P.88-92


Personnel Risks in Human Resource Management of the Public Civil Service Noila Dokhievna Kazakova Zhanna Aleksandrovna Denisova P.93-100

A Team as a Social Stratum in Politics and Public Administration in Modern Russia: Formation, and Correspondence Problem Valentin Aleksandrovich Mikheev P.101-106

Innovative Technologies in the Formation of the Political Image of a Region Aigyul' Nikolaevna Egorova P.107-110

Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Negotiations in Arab Countries Valeriya Ivanovna Rozenberg P.110-112

Ethnic Values as a Basis of Civic Consciousness Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Zateeva Svetlana Petrovna Tatarova Zhugdernamzhil Erkhemtogs P.113-118


The Philosophy of War: Words and Meanings Oleg Alekseevich Bel'kov P.119-127

The Ideological Past and the Legitimation of the Political Order: the Experience of Modern Russia Andrei Vasil'evich Tupaev P.128-133

The Subjectness of the Nation and the State Security of Russia Andrei Ivanovich Pal'tsev P.133-136

National Idea as a Determinant of Self-Determination and Consolidation of the Pridnestrovian People Yaroslav Olegovich Galinskii P.136-142

Mass Literature as a Factor of Destruction of Literary Environment Anatolii Nikolaevich Andreev Tat'yana Leonidovna Kashchenko Galina Nikolaevna Yulina P.143-147


Anthropology of the Popular Buddhist Canon in Ethnic Buryatia Lyubov' Lubsanovna Abaeva P.148-152

The Construction of Buddhist Temples in the Russian Empire in the Descriptions of European Travel-Researchers at the end of the 18th – the Beginning of the 19th Century Viktoriya Vladimirovna Nomogaeva Valentina Bairovna Dambaeva P.153-157


Analysis of Local Governance Problems in the Context of Global Challenges Sergei Alekseevich Vorontsov Aleksandr Vasil'evich Ponedelkov P.158-163

Social Values and Problems of Health Saving of the Student Youth Viktor Ivanovich Filonenko Tat'yana Sergeevna Kienko P.164-170

Individual Pension Capital: Action Strategies Pavel Viktorovich Razov Svetlana Aleksandrovna Yushkova Marina Vital'evna Doroshenko P.171-175

Legal Consciousness of Self-Employed Citizens Andrei Nikolaevich Pokida Natal'ya Vladimirovna Zabunovskaya P.176-183

Modern Practices of Sociological Study of the Phenomenon of Trust Maksim Vital'evich Baranovskii P.183-190

Industrial and Trade Experience of Great Britain in the 1850s–1860s in the Opinion of the Russian Contemporaries Vladimir Vladimirovich Boriskin Vladimir Ivanovich Filonov Anton Veniaminovich Merkulov P.191-198


Do We Need a General Paradigm in Historical Epistemology? Yurii Al'bertovich Vasil'ev P.199-205


Personality as the Personification of the Feat of the People During the Great Patriotic War Aleksei Vyacheslavovich Merkulov P.206-210

The Role and Place of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution, Speculation, and Sabotage (CHEKA) in the Policy of the Red Terror Andrei Sergeevich Sokolov P.211-216

The Role of Charity Departments and Public Organizations of the Romanov’s House in the Process of Supporting the Life of Children in the Second Half of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Century Evgeniya Sergeevna Matveeva Anton Veniaminovich Merkulov Elena Dmitrievna Molotkova P.217-224

The Problems of Cooperation between the Judiciary and the Prosecution in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century: the Context of the Independence of Judges Tat'yana Leonidovna Kuras P.224-229

Princess Elena Petrovna’s Activity to Provide Assistance to Serbian Population Having Suffered from Military Actions (1914–1916) Galina Igorevna Shevtsova P.229-233

The Development of Engineering Education in Russia in the Post-Petrine Period of the 18th Century: Main Trends and Contradictions Mariya Vladimirovna Dobrynina Svetlana Sergeevna Nikitina P.234-239

Kyakhta in 1840s–1930s: Magnificence and Poverty of Window to China Liliya Vladimirovna Kal'mina Anna Maksimovna Plekhanova P.240-245


Impulse of Soviet-era Ideas of Soft Reforms in the Modern State Model of the People's Republic of China Marina Leonidovna Galas P.246-255

European Interculturalism in Practice: Modern Urban Policy of France Ol'ga Sergeevna Khodinova P.256-261

The Study of International Relations in Azerbaijan Mirmekhti Mirkamil ogly Agazade P.262-267

Study of International Relations in Turkey Oleg Vladimirovich Barnashov Anna Garnukovna Gevorgyan Funda Khaidarovna Gekkaya P.268-275

Modern US-German Relations: the Crisis of Strategic Partnership Bella Anatol'evna Nochvina P.276-279


Russia in Terms of Global Competition: Ways of Development Oksana Viktorovna Gaman-Golutvina Leonid Vladimirovich Smorgunov Lidiya Nikolaevna Timofeeva P.280-284



Energy Alliances and Geopolitics: View from Russia Vladimir Petrovich Bauer P.285-287