Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Power 2016, No 08


Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

A. Vozmitel Social Inequality and its Risks in Soviet and Postsoviet Russia

Yu. Dorozhkin Russia’s Present Day Political System: Democracy or Authoritarianism?

O. Mitroshenkov Is there Life without Oil and Gas?

V. Surguladze Monitoring and Control Problems of Realization of the State Strategic Planning Documents of the Russian Federation


 Political Processes and Practices

A. Lubsky, O. Posukhova Nation-Building Projects and Models of National Integration in Russia

S. Kislitsyn Political Importance of Civil Society Activities of Sevastopol and the Crimea in the Period of Struggle for the Reintegration of the Crimean Autonomous Republic in the Russian Federation

I. Vasilenko Cultural Policy in the Region as a Tool for the Formation of its Modern Image

I. Nedyak Coercion but not Persuasion?

S. Zakharova, A. Maltsev Assessment of Municipal Areas Management System According to Criterion of Life Quality

A. Sokolov, A. Frolov The Uncommercial Sector of the Yaroslavl Region: Effectiveness Evaluation in 2015

K. Sulimov Integration Mechanisms in Ethnic Territorial Autonomies: Review of Practices


Yu. Mkhitaryan National Security and its Providing in Construction Industry of the Russian Federation

N. Mikhalchenkova Internationalization as a Trend in Modern Higher Education Policy


 Ideas and Meanings

L. Dzakhova, D. Byazrova, T. Malieva Understanding of Eurasianism: the Sociocultural Aspect

N. Asonov, G. Talina The Genesis of Russian Notions on State and Power

K. Kostrikov Personality: Problems of Worldview Cultural and Historical Consciousness

V. Shilov The Fifth National Idea of Russia: Myth or Reality? Part 1


 Religion, Society, State

A. Plekhanova, N. Kornienko The Russian Orthodox Missionary Activity in Mongolia

D. Ayusheeva The main Features of Distribution of Buddhism in Australia and New Zealand


Yu. Antropova, T. Kasyanova Vision of Power by Young People: Dynamics of Power Perception and Assessment by Students – the Future State and Municipal Employees


E. Zabneva The Creation of Regional High Schools of Municipal Management as One of the Ways of Professionalization of Municipal Employees

N. Filin, E. Mizurova The Impact of Ayatolla Khameini's Concept of "Exporting the Islamic Revolution" on Lebanon's Hezbollah Activities

K. Shneider Sybarite and “Sissy” V.P. Botkin

S. Davydov Politogenesis of Ancient Society: an Indirect Way to the Early State


 Domestic Experience

S. Vlasov Professional Training for the Village

N. Baikalov Soviet Housing Policy in Areas of New Development: an Experience of BAM

A. Saran The Power of the Soviets in the Central Chernozem Region on the Eve of the "Great Break"


 Foreign Experience

A. Perezolova, A. Lobova Perception of Political and Legal Subjectivity in China

T. Kazaryan The Specifics of the Armenian Diaspora Activity in Germany at the Modern Stage


 Focus on Politics

P. Kandel Are there Colorless "Color Revolutions"?

L. Matiyak Arctic Stratagems of Beijing

A. Zakharov USA – India Strategic Partnership: Challenges for Russia

A. Palchaev On the Factors of Conflict and Stability in the North Caucasus

Ya. Kalish Topical Problems of the Western European Countries Integration

V. Chunaeva Russia and Mongolia: the International Relationships Issues in the Recent Decades



M. Lipchanskaya Review of the Monograph: Volodina S.V. “Multi-Party System as the Basis of the Russian Constitutional System”

A. Marshak Review of the Book: O.I. Ozhereliev "Ideals and Crime. The Recent History of Russia: the Dialectics of Events and Personalities"