Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2017 No 10


V. Komarovskii The Legacy of the 1917 Revolution in Shaping National-State Identity in Modern Russia 7-15

A. Vozmitel Prospects for the Development of the Union State of Russia and Belarus from Сommon People's View.    16-28

Political Processes and Practices

O. Ivanov The role of the Institute of Public Control of Russia in Resolving Socio-Political Conflicts            29-35

A. Bardakov The Reasons and the Foundations of Social and Cultural Migration                35-40

Ju. Drozdova, G. Lysenko Multiethnic Region in Contemporary Research Discourse        41-46

V. Shilov Elections of the Governor of the Perm Region of 2017: Results and Perspectives           47-52

Communications and Society

A. Sokolov, I. Levchenko Features of Attraction of Resources by Protesters        53-59

A. Chugunov Cooperation of Citizens with the Authority as a Feedback Channel in E-Participation: Institutionalization Issues         59-66

Ya. Kalish The Information Policy of the EEU – Digital Present and Future             67-71

Youth of Russia – 21st Century

A. Magranov, L. Detochenko Social and Economic Situation in Russia: Modern Students’ Opinions and Estimates                            72-82

B. Meskhi, V. Filonenko, L. Skachkova, Yu. Filonenko Problems and Paradoxes of Employment of Students in the Assessments of Employers (Based on the Results of a Sociological Study)      83-90

N. Dergunova, D. Lukafina Civil Identification of the Russian Youth in the Conditions of Migration            91-96

I. Snezhkova Ethno-Psychological Research: "People and Power in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" in the Perception of the Russian Youth      97-100

E. Aralova, I. Polozhentseva Philosophical Questions of Self-Consciousness and Factors of Patriotic Self-Determination of Youth : Pedagogical Aspect     100-104

World Economy: New Analytics

I. Gladkov Foreign Trade Relations of the European Union at the Present Stage: “The Turtle Effect”                        105-111


I. Savchenko, L. Snegireva, S. Ustinkin Historical Memory in Emotional and Scientific Perception             112-122

Domestic Experience

S. Kovalenko The Managerial Elite of the Far East in the Era of Systemic Transformation of the 1990s: Value-Identification as an Inside Look 123-129

A. Shipilov The Russian Compatriots: Evolution of the Status, Attention and Understanding        129-135

I. Tsyrempilova Modern Historiography of the Relationships between Regional Authorities and the Russian Orthodox Church on the Territory of the Baikal Region in the Soviet Period                         135-140

B. Zhalsanova, D. Zhambalov Legal Regulation of Exile in Siberia as a Criminal Punishment in the Russian State in the 17th - First Half of the 19th Centuries       141-147

Foreign Experience

Ji Yuesheng Priorities of Foreign Cultural Policy of China in the Globalization Conditions History                148-154

K. Demichev The Origins of Statehood: the Concept of Power of the Ruler in Sikhisme in the XVII-XVIII Century                155-161

E. Nolev Perceptions of Power and Statehood in the Legal Heritage of the Mongolian Peoples of the 13th – 17th Centuries  162-166

Focus on Politics

D. Ezhov Strategy of Silence: Summing-up (To the Analysis of the Results of the Municipal Elections in Moscow)             167-169


N. Asonov Successful Counterrevolution of 1917              170-174