Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Power 2017 No 2


A. Chernyshov Revolution and the State in the XXI Century: the Struggle for Moral Imperative in Politics and Public Life (6-15)

Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

L. Konstantinova Social Policy as a Factor in the Construction of Inequality: a New Model of Paternalism (16-21)

V. Fokin Institutional Problems of Non-Diversified Rural Areas Management (22-27)

A. Salmina Attitudes of the Russians Towards Income Inequality and Factors of their Formation in Comparison with Other European Countries (27-37)

S. Vlasov Agricultural Policy and Environmental Issues (37-40)

Political Processes and Practices

Yu. Maleka, S. Mel’kov, E. Shitova Does the Unification of the Territories Reduce their Conflict Potential and Controllability: an Analysis of the Case-Studies Solved by Undergraduate Students (41-51)

Yu. Bocharov The Results of the Parliamentary elections of the Seventh Convocation Abroad - no Alternative to the Ruling Party (52-58)

A. Adiev, E. Shcherbina Power-Sharing in Karachay-Cherkessia and Dagestan: Problems of Regulation of Ethnic Structure in the Authorities in the Multiethnic Societies (59-63)

Security and Society

A. Kovalev, V. Mrochko Geopolitical Image of the Military Status of Russia (64-68)

G. Timofeev, O. Orlinskaya Ecological Safety in the System of National Security of the Russian Federation (69-74)

V. Surguladze Information Policy of the Russian Federation: Information Security Doctrine in the System of Goal-Setting Documents of the State Strategic Planning (75-77)

Challenges of Globalization

O. Yanitskiy The US President D. Trump and the Prospects of Globalization (78-83)

V. Koltashov The Reserve for Tramp’s Policy: The stock Market Bubble and the Possibilities it Creates (84-88)


G. Malinovskaya , E. Prokhorova, M. Tusova System Technology in the Management of the Region (89-94)

I. Vasilenko Comparative Analysis of the Modern Models of Russian Regions Rebranding (95-99)

A. Yufereva Preconditions of the Mass Communication Theory Becoming in the XX Century by the Example of the Soviet Experience (99-102)

S. Suslov History of Genesis and Establishment of Network Analysis (103-108)

A. Badonov Domestic Violence as an Instrument of Power in the Family (108-112)

Religion, Society, State

A. Kamalova Features of Interaction of Secular and Spiritual Power in Modern Russia (113-115)


L. Dzahova, L. Badova Generations Relay Race in Elitological Dimension (116-122)

Z. Sikevich Ethnic Identity of the Russians and the Chechens in the Context of Historical Memory (Comparative Analysis) (122-129)

A. Pokida, N. Zybunovskaya Formation of the Subculture of «Shadow» Economic Activities (129-136)


B. Tsybenov From the History of Daur People in the XVII Century (137-142)

M. Piloyan The Russian Project of " Armenian Reforms" in the Ottoman Empire before World War I. (143-147)

Domestic Experience

D. Isaev, N. Trapsh Professional Image of the Soviet Engineer: from Traditional Values to Alternative Elements of the Identity (148-156)

V. Bashkuev The Confrontation between Soviet and Tibetan Medicine (157-162)

O. Nekrasov Administrative Activities of the Pamir Border Guard Detachment in the Late XIX – Early XX Century: Regulatory Framework (163-169)

A. Tyurin Analysis of the Personnel Composition of Employees of the Ministry of State Property of Nizhny Novgorod Province in the Mid 60-ies of the XIX Century (170-175)

Foreign Experience

Li Xu Development and Improvement of Chinese Citation Index Database for Social Science Articles (176-181)

I. Shkrobtak Characteristics of the Main Challenges to the British Defense and Security (182-185)

World Order

V. Marian, A. Sinitsyn Russia-ASEAN – Two Decades of Development (186-193)

Focus on Politics

P. Kandel Repetition of the past? (194-197)


V. Shilov Pages of Engineer V.F. Chernov’s Biography in the Epoch of Totalitarianism (198-202)


I. Pomiguev “Russia in the New Political Reality: Strategies and Methods of Development”: the Outcome of Russian Association of Political Science Conference (203-205)


A. Baranov, A. Ponedelkov Review of the Book by S.A. Kislitsin, S.V. Petrova, O.V. Repinskaya “Problems of the Applied Geopolitics of Eurasia” (206-208)